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About Me

Welcome to Seriously Daisies, where I blog about my life and all the fun projects going on in it!! I'm Kimberly (although most people call me Kim, and my family calls me Kimmy) a 29 year old girl living in Reno, Nevada with my husband Mitch, our two year old son Riley, and our basset hound Chumba. We moved to Nevada in 2008, after living in California all our lives.

Here's my life in a paragraph. I was born in Northern California. Raised in Southern California. Moved back to Northern California when I was 16. Graduated from Amador High School in 2000. Started dating Mitch when I was 18. Worked at Safeway for 7 years. Moved to Nevada. Got married when I was 25. Had Riley when I was 26. And now I stay home raising my amazing little boy, and fill my day with as much creativity as I possibly can.

My days with Riley are full of playing, exploring, laughter, art, teaching, snuggles and lots of other fun and sometimes crazy stuff. It's not always easy, but I wouldn't trade a minute of it. I'm lucky to be able to stay home with him, while Mitch works hard to support us. When ever I can, I try to squeeze in some crafty momma stuff. I love sewing, building, painting, crocheting (I taught myself after Riley was born, and I really, really love it) all things crafty, decorating my home and planning parties. Seriously Daisies is my place to share bits and pieces of that with you!

Oh, and in case you're wondering where the name Seriously Daisies comes from, my favorite flowers are daisies. Happy colorful gerbera daisies to be exact. And apparently I say seriously a lot. One day I put the two together and got Seriously Daisies. So that's it, nothing deep or inspiring, but totally me!!