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Sunday, November 2, 2008

And behind door number four...

You've met Chumba, my PAIN in the butt {really he is} basset hound! I can't help but love his sad little puppy face, but seriously he drives me nutsos!!! Today he followed me into the kitchen, and as I was throwing away some trash, starting barking at the cabinet, sniffing and freaking out!
I know my trash isn't stinky enough to attract that kinda attention! I mean come on... I just emptied it. The weirdo made me take a second look inside, and guess what I found?
Karma! My friendly {we'll get to that} cat, found herself a new home. On top of my canvas shopping bags, next to the trash!!! A place in the house that is truly Chumba free! My poor kitty gets terrorized by him, they get along, but he always wants to play, and considering how big he is, and how tiny she is, I seriously feel sorry for the poor kitty sometimes {most of the time!}. So I am glad she figured out how to open the cabinet herself, and have a quiet escape all for herself!!!

Oh, and as for the friendly kitty comment. Yesterday not one, but TWO of my neighbors asked me if the little white cat was mine. Yeppers. Well, they then proceeded to tell me how friendly she was and how much they loved her! Freakin cat! She hasn't been fixed, due to the fact that she gets herself knocked up before we have a chance {this trip to Nevada was supposed to be DIFFERENT, mom you were supposed to keep her locked up {inside} until we got her! ARGH!} So apparently she has not only been friendly with the neighborhood cats, but the neighborhood cats owners! If only I could make new friends that easy!

I love my Karma, I wish Chumba would be more like her..... my life would be so much less stressful then! :o)


  1. You seriously crack me up!! I hope your day is great!!


  2. Hello, I'm visiting from SITS. What a creative kitty! How smart is that? I know my dogs wish they could find a quiet place to be away from each other and from me. ;)

  3. So have you ever read the book 'Marley and Me'? If you haven't, you should! It sounds like Chumba and Marley are kindred spirits :o) I seriously love the posts you put on about your dog! He cracks me up! Oh, and it was fun to see you on your Halloween video. Now that I've seen you moving and talking instead of just in pictures it makes me feel like I know you better!

  4. Hahaha i love how you describe your hubby and doggy...

    I showed your cat to my dauhgter and she told me "I want one like that" hahaha.. Now im in trouble..


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