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Sunday, December 28, 2008


On December 17th I turned 26! Twenty-Six!!! Where is the time going? Anyways, I thought I'd share some of my birthday fun with all my bloggy friends!

I decided to wear my birthday girl crown.... even though it totally embarrassed Mitch {heheee}. I wore it allllll day long!

So of course I had to wear fun shoes and purse to match!



It was really cold that day, the temperature went below 10 degrees. Brrrrr, check out the frozen water that got left in the car!

Mitch drove the whole day {that never happens, ever} so I was stoked to be a chauffeured around all day long! Every time we go on long car rides, and I have my camera handy I take "mirror" pictures of me! Some are cute, some are goofy or serious. Here is my birthday mirror pic.

We went bowling first! I won the first game!!! Mitch tried very hard....

But I tried harder! Hehehehe! Yeah, this is me after I scored a spare. I got a bunch in a row!

Check out the scoreboard!

I totally lost the second game :o( We decided to leave after two games, because they put these really serious {super good} bowlers next to us, and it's hard to have goofy bowling fun right next to super serious bowlers.

We had fun though!!! I drank 2 Malibu Pineapples. Yummy! Then we were off to Applebees for dinner!

We started the meal with an appetizer, the artichoke spinach dip! Mmmmmmm! I LOVE that stuff! And I decided to try the Caramel Appletinis. Yummy!!!! They tasted just like a caramel apple! I will definitely order these again in the future!

Then for dinner I had the shrimp topped steak. And Mitch had some sort of chicken burger.

I've gone to Applebee's several years now for my birthday, {I love having my birthday there!} So I knew what was coming next! The Applebee's waitresses all come out with dessert, singing the Happy Clappy Birthday Song. They let me pick my dessert this year. I knew it was coming, but I was still embarrassed! Mitch took a picture of me and my dessert while they were singing.

Last stop of the night was the Daytona Casino. I wanted to go there because, I don't know anyone here locally besides Mitch of course. But since we go to the Daytona so much, I've become friendly with the employees there. So it was the closest to seeing friends on my birthday that I could get.

When I walked in, one of the guys asked if there was a beauty pageant going on {because of my birthday crown, hehe} So I corrected him and told him it was my birthday!!! And then I told him all about my night, including how embarrassed I was when Applebees sung happy birthday to me.

Well, he proceeded to tell me that they might sing happy birthday too, but that they had an intercom. Seriously???

In the meantime, we played $20, and I got free drinks. Here Mitch decided to order me Hypnotic on ice. As we were playing, Mitch said that he noticed them blowing up balloons, he thought they were for me. Nah!!!

Boy was I wrong, about 15 minutes later, I hear "Attention Daytona guests, we want to wish a very Happy Birthday to one of our special guests Kimberly Robinson!" {yeah I still haven't legally changed my name} I turn around, and Ryan and the other guy were standing behind me with balloons attached to a little present, it was a battery operated personal fan. He said they decided not to embarrass me more by singing to me.

How sweet of them! Seriously, I wasn't expecting anything, but they made me feel special.... without embarrassing me too much.

We played for a bit longer. I didn't win anything, what's up with that??? But it was getting late, and Mitch had to work the next day, so I had promised to get him home early! Just a quick trip to the bathroom before we left.... hehehe, I had to take a semi drunk self portrait in the bathroom mirror.

Chumba was very happy when we got home! He gave me birthday lovins, too cute!!!

Then it was bedtime! For Mitch anyways! Good night babers, thanks for a very happy birthday! I love you!!!

The End!


  1. Happy Birthday! LOve the bling!

  2. Happy belated birthday from a fellow SITSta!

  3. Too funny! Because on December 18, I turned 26.... and I went to Applebees too! lol It looks like you had more fun than I did though! My hubby didn't get to go :-( I was just out with my mom and brother and sis.... Man.... I feel old!

  4. What a wonderful Birthday. I love your shoes & I think the car mirror picture is awesome!! I do the same thing!!

  5. Happy Birthday! All your pictures are way cute. :D

    Just stopping in from SITS. :D

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! You are all sooo very sweet!

    Oh and MindyLew that is too funny that you do the car mirror picture thing too. I just can't help myself. I'm building up a little collection, hehe. Once I have enough, I'll have to make a Flickr album just for them. :oP

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!!! Looks like you made the most of it! Great pics!

  8. What a fun day!!! Happy Belated Birthday and Happy New Year!!!!


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