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Monday, April 6, 2009

We LOVE Company!!!

Mommy, Josh and Dylan came to visit us last week. They were only here for 2 days, but I was so excited to have company, especially them!!! We hadn't seen them since our trip to California for Christmas.

I finally got to give Dylan his "Grave Digger" truck that I got him from Monster Jam {which I have yet to blog about}. I made YUMMY lasagna, my very first time making lasagna since I used to help out in the kitchen as a kid. I knew how much Dylan LOVES lasagna, so I made it a few days in advance and then stuck it in the freezer so I wouldn't have to cook while they were here. Unfortunately, Dylan noticed the green stuff {spinach} that I added, and I swear he woulda loved it, if I had blindfolded him, but that kid sees green and thinks "vegetables" and dinner becomes a fight after that!!! Grrrrrr.

Anywho, we had loads of fun! Dylan loves to visit Aunt Kimmy and Uncle Mitchy, because we always plan at least one really fun thing to do. I know, I'm the best Aunty in the world!!! :o)

We went to the huge arcade at Circus Circus. He LOVED it!!! Hours of fun for super duper cheap! A five year old's dream come true. That was his favorite part of the whole trip.

First he played that bowling game, where you roll the ball, and try to make it into the highest scoring circles. He did pretty good, but didn't win anything. So then Mitch tried. He didn't win either. Haha. I love that game, so of course I won the little guy a stuffed animal!! Go me!!!!!

He loved the video arcade section the best! Here is me and him smiling for the camera before racing.

And him and Uncle Mitch having some fun!

Notice Mitch's hat?? Guess who did that? Chumba is a bad bad doggy! But Mitch still wears it, lol!

So while Dylan rode the motorcycle...

The grown ups decided to have some air hockey fun!!!

First it was me against Mitch. I won!!!

Then it was me....

Versus Mom!

Oh my gosh, let me just say we had a blast!!! We played several games, and it got very intense, we were both laughing so hard! We both won a couple.

After that we headed for the theater to watch our movie, but of course we lost track of time, and we were late. So we decided to eat while we waited for the next show. We had Mexican {it was OK, but not somewhere I'd go again}.

Then we caught the 6:00 showing of Monster Vs. Aliens in 3D.

Mitch had been up 30 hours, and fell asleep during the movie. Dylan really liked it, but after the arcade, he didn't wanna sit still so long. And about 3/4 of the way through he asked me if it was ever gonna be over. That was only the second movie he had ever been to, and I was excited to take him to his first 3D movie.

Before they left Monday afternoon, we cooked up my lasagna for lunch. Then me and Dylan had some strawberry shortcake. Yum yum!

Dylan played in the backyard, loved the swing set, and had lotsa bonding time with Chumba. Which led him to ask me if he could "borrow Chumba" for a little while. Too darn cute!

Then we had to say goodbye. I love them so much! I'm so glad they visited, and can't wait to see them again next week when we go to California for Easter!


  1. That's too funny about Dylan and the green stuff in the lasagna! We went out to eat at a buffet the other night and I filled my plate with veggies and some sweets for Reagan... she threw the meat and sweets on the floor and reached for the green beans and carrots!!! I gues because when she was a wee baby, I fed her lots of veggies! Keep that in mind! What you feed them when they are babies, they will more than likely grow up liking! lol And girl, use that entertainment book!! I've got my $25 back and then some from that thing! I love it! I've even found little scrapbook store discounts in mine!

  2. I felt all warm inside that I got an e-mail very firstest!! :D I'm so glad that you are doing well! Horray horray for babies! And you look fab in your pictures!


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