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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Belly Shots {22 Weeks}

I have seriously been neglecting my blog! I'm SOOOO sorry! I have been busy cleaning, organizing, decorating, and crafting. And I have NO plans whatsoever to stop. I have so much to do before Riley gets here. But I will try to share what I'm doing a little more!!! :o)

I even slacked off on taking my belly shot. It's 2 weeks late. OOPS!!! But I got it in under the 5 month mark. So my plan to take one every month is still in tact.

Here is 22 Weeks!!!!!

I am totally getting bigger. I'm MORE than halfway there.

Our little guy has been quite active the past few days. And Daddy finally got to feel him kick this morning. A bunch of times! He has been asking me "when??" everyday. And patiently putting his hand on my belly, hoping the little guy will cooperate. Mitch wasn't home last night when Riley was doing his thing. And I was bummed, because I just knew it would finally be strong enough to be felt on the outside too.

So this morning when I was telling Mitch about it, he started up again. I told him to just rest his hand there, and wait. He didn't feel the first two movements. But then on the third one, he looked at me before I said anything, and told me that he felt him!!! He was right. Then the little boy went crazy with the acrobatics.
He really made mommy and daddy smile today! :o)


  1. So amazing huh!! Just wait it gets better!! Better and better!! More and More beautiful! I am happy for you sis! And ur pictures are cute!!!! BOTH of them!

  2. Awww. That is so sweet. Enjoy this special time! Have a great Thursday!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Ms Cupcake


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