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Friday, July 31, 2009

Presents for Baby Ezekiel

I've mentioned before that one of my little sisters Danetta is pregnant as well. Her due date is 5 days before mine, and she is also having a boy.

Her and her hubby Jordan are naming their son Ezekiel. They had their baby shower last Sunday. I got to go to California {just for 24 hours, cause Mitch had to work the day before and the day after.}

I got her a gift card,
but also had to make her some handmade stuff as well!!

This is a picture of the nursery bedding she is getting. Although her furniture will be a darker espresso brown.

They wanted books instead of cards. So of course I had to make a little book. It's a 4x4 inch counting book. Those buttons seriously took FOREVER to do!!! All 59 of them!

Here is the front.


And back.

I signed it on the back, so he'd never forget it was Aunt Kimmy who taught him how to count in style, hehe!!!

I wanted to make her a decorative magnet board, and originally was gonna use a cookie sheet. But one day at the thrift store I ran across this, and at $1.99, it was perfect!

I sanded the shiny teflon finish off, drilled two holes, spray painted it espresso brown, added pretty scrapbook papers and a monogram, and finished it off with a textured Mod Podge finish and some matching ribbon.

And Tadaaaa!

In the next two pictures you can see the textured finish.

The reason I wanted a magnet board is because I made some bottlecap magnets. I also decorated an adorable keepsake tin to store them in. I figure once she takes the magnets out, the tin can store precious keepsake things, like a lock of hair and a tooth.

Here is the set together.

Here is the tin before:

And after:

And here are the bottle caps before:

And after:

I took my husbands bad habits, and turned them into something cute! And at no extra cost!!!

Anyways, she just loved everything! I got a little embarrassed at the shower when she made a BIG deal outta my present, and it was the only one that got passed around.

I have some pictures of the shower, and my trip to Cali. I'll share them in a separate post, since this one is so long already!


  1. You are so good! Look at all the cuteness for his room. I'm sure your sister will just love it!

  2. Baby Ezekiel is so lucky to have such a great Aunt!! Can't wait to see what other cute things you have in store for your own little one. So creative!!

  3. ... I think I need more decorations Kimberly Danielle! lol!!! I love you so much and very much appreciate EVERYTHING I got from you! You did such an amazing and beautiful job, and I cant wait to see what you do later! I think you are the most creative person I know and I am SO LUCKY to have you as MY SISTER!!! Thanks again so much babe!

  4. You are so talented kimberly! Even being pregnant you still have time to be creative! I sure was lazy when I was pregnant and didn't do much of anything!!!! I'm glad to see you still putting your talent to good use :-) Oh and that's a good idea with those tin cans and bottlecaps! I have lots laying around cause of my husbands bad habbits too lol!


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