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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Riley's Dresser Makeover

One of my MANY projects I've been working on is this dresser for Riley's room. It was a very ugly thing with broken drawers. It was in his closet when we moved in. Mitch wanted to trash it. But I moved it to our room, and used it for a few months. I figured it'd do until we could afford to buy a new dresser.

Well, after getting Riley's crib and chair/ottoman, and arranging everything, I decided I wanted the dresser in his room, I had the perfect spot for it.

Mitch still looked at me like I was nuts! It's laminate, and according to him, junk!

But I found a few tutorials for painting laminate, and had recently gotten a free quart of True Turquoise Glidden paint, that'd be a perfect match for his room colors. So I thought why not???

I bought some zinsser BIN primer, and after I sanded it with my new palm sander, I had Mitch prime it for me.

Then after lightly sanding his priming job, it was ready for my two coats of paint, followed by brand new handles that we had picked out. I had other handles that were wavy that I liked better. But I woulda had to fill the holes, and drill new ones, plus they were a few dollars more a piece. So Mitch convinced me these ones would work, and I like them.

Here is the BEFORE picture!

Once we were done we carried it upstairs, and put the drawers back in.

And here is the AFTER picture!!

These last two pictures actually show the color blue more accurately. In this one you can see the handles up close!

And here you can catch a peek of one of the 3 circle rugs {orange, dark blue, and apple green} and a little bit of the crib.

I can't wait to have the room all decorated and show you how great it looks next to everything else.

That dresser and painting the room were two big projects that I am glad to have done!!! Now I gotta find a low dresser that we can refinish to match, that will double as a changing table. It's gonna go under the window.... which needs curtains still.

Tomorrow I will probably be refinishing this $1 shelf I fell in love with at a yardsale. It will be apple green.... and match the frame on my bulletin board, which I will show you soon! I promise!!!

The grand total I spent for this dresser was about $35!
Dresser - FREE
Paint - FREE {shipped to me by Glidden for a promo they were having last month}
Primer - $10.98
Handles - $3.97 a piece x 6 = $23.82

Mitch is actually quite impressed with the finished result! He no longer thinks it is a piece of junk, and is actually getting a little jealous that Riley is going to {at least for now} have a nicer room than us, lol!

And for that price, I absolutely LOVE it! :o)


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