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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Looking Back.... The First Three Months

I have been a busy new mommy. And unfortunately my poor little blog has been neglected. I wanted to blog, but every time I started a post, I felt so overwhelmed. There was no time to share everything, but how on earth was I supposed to pick what to share, when I think every single thing my little man does is amazing.

So month after month passed. And now it feels like a lifetime has gone by. I'm not gonna share every detail, instead, I am gonna do a quick 3 month recap of the past three months. Then I can start blogging "without pressure" again!

So lets see....

His first month was a blur, full of love, amazement, sleeping for very small periods of time, being awake at all hours of the night, lots of crying (by both me and Ry), struggles with breastfeeding, close monitoring of weight gain, his first bath (which he hated, he screamed bloody murder the entire time, me and Mitch laughed our heads off, yeah we are mean) and lots and lots and LOTS of pictures!!!

I already miss him being so tiny. That first month is something that was so indescribable. Mitch went back to work only days after Ry was born, so it was just me. In Nevada, far far away from any friends and family. At times I remember thinking that taking care of a newborn was harder than labor (and we all remember my last post, and know how that went.)

But even though it had to be the hardest, most unbelievably exhausting month of my life. It was also the most amazing!! Looking back, I treasure every single moment.

Next we have month two!! We took our first trip to California the week before Thanksgiving. That was hard!! I was anxious to get back home to our normal routine. But it was great to see everyone. Ry got to meet lots of family and friends! Shortly after we got back home, Riley smiled for the first time!! I even caught it on camera! See?!

Then me and Ry both got sick with the cold. It was awful! I hated seeing my baby so sick. I knew he was miserable, because I was too!!

He also got to meet Santa! And watch me decorate (very little) for Christmas. He loved staring at the lights on the Christmas tree!

We spent most of the month on vacation or sick. Me and Mitch were starting to adjust to the new normal. There were less tears (from me) and lots of smiles! It was awesome watching Riley slowly become aware of the world around him.

And finally month three. I turned twenty seven. I had to throw that in there! It was quite uneventful. I got some flowers from Mitch, and spent the day with Ry.

We went back to California for Christmas. Riley laughed for the first time while we were there. It was adorable!! He got lots of presents.

He got to meet more family and friends that we didn't get to see during our November trip.

Once we got back home, he opened his presents from me and Mitch... OK, Mich opened them while holding Riley. Halfway through the month, he started really enjoying his toys. Kicking the little kicker piano to make it play music, and reaching for toys on his activity play center.

By mid January I stopped breatfeeding. I tried so hard, and wasn't producing enough milk, and Riley refused to latch on anymore. I pumped for a few weeks after that, but it was too much work for hardly any milk. So me and Mitch decided it was best if I stopped altogether. I still miss it, (or miss what it should have been) but we are way less stressed out now. So it was the right choice, as heartbreaking as it was for me at first.

Around that same time Ry slept through the night for the first time!!! And by three months old he was sleeping through the night every night. Lets hope he keeps it up!

This month also included Riley learning to turn on one of his toys! He got sick with a cold again, that lasted forever (he still has a mild cough, poor baby). We struggled with leaky cloth diapers for my skinny little guy, but after trying 4 different kinds, love the Flip diapers!! They are awesome, and I am no longer stressing out over every single diaper change.

In January I seen the biggest changes so far in my little boy! He became so aware of everything. He also developed his own little routine, and he laughs all the time! Plus, I became a morning person (CRAZY!!!) Here's some pictures of month three.

Anyways now I'm as caught up as I'm gonna get. We're working on month four, and I'll really try to make an effort to share more, so I don't get behind again. Plus I finally have time to do projects again! So of course I can't wait to share those as well.

Yay, I'm happy to be back... I've missed this!


  1. I have always known that you would be such a good mom!!!!! I have a new blog...I know I know...again....but I left you an award...welcome back momma!!

  2. Happy B-day for Dylan!
    Granulation for your cute baby! Wonderful family!



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