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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pretty Pink Ribbon Ball

I have a little cousin that is a month older than my Riley, her name is also Riley. Out of all my friends and family who have had babies this past year, she is the only girl. So I was very excited to make something girly for a change.

Her mommy Liz loved the ribbon ball I had made at Easter for my nephew Ezekiel, so I decided to make one for her little girl.

Here it is!

As an afterthought I decided I wanted to personalize it with her name. So I used a pencil to lightly write her name on, then I just embroidered right over the pencil marks. 

It was a little complicated, because I had already stuffed the ball, and didn't want to unstuff it. But I managed. I really wish I had thought if personalizing it before, instead of after. I would have avoided the puckering, and it would have looked much nicer. Oh well though, it still looks pretty good.

And Liz loves it, so I am sure Riley will too, when I give it to her next week, during my trip to California.


  1. That is the cutest thing EVER!!!! I even like the puckering. It makes it more natural and not so "lillian vernon" ya know! LOVE IT!!

  2. I love this ribbon ball!! I really need to learn to sew! I love the RILEY stitching too!!!

  3. I came across your website and love all your great ideas. I'm working on the nesting crochet bowls right now. I love this ribbon ball. Do you have a pattern for how to cut the material (sizes?) My email is Thanks, and keep the cute ideas coming!


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