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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good Morning Kisses

Riley learned how to give kisses.

His version involves him opening his mouth real wide, then pressing it against whatever he is kissing.

It is adorable.

It melts my heart every time I am the lucky recipient of his sweet kisses. Which isn't too often, because he is very stingy with them.

This morning (and a couple other mornings over the past week or two) Riley has given me kisses when he wakes up from his morning nap.

It has been on days that Mitch lets me sleep in. So I don't get to see Riley before he goes down for his nap.

When I walk into the room, he smiles real big. I pick him up, and he wraps his little arms around me and snuggles against my chest. Then he pulls away, looks at me, opens his mouth, and plants a big kiss right on my lips.

Moments like these make sleepless nights like last night so worth it. ♥

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  1. Stumbled across your blog this morning. You are so creative! Any chance you can give a step by step on how you made this adorable tag ball?! I'd love to make one for my daughter!


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