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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink & Gray Baby Shower {Food & Drinks Bar}

I am finally getting around to posting part 2 of the baby shower. The food and drinks bar!! Liz and I worked together to make it happen. She made all the food, the circles hanging from the ceiling, and the drinks. I made the pennant banner attached to the bar and the table signs, plus I made the water bottles pretty.

I have a printable for this sign, plus the drinks sign and a couple others coming soon. To make the frame, I bought a few of those unfinished wood signs at Michael's (they are a dollar or two each) I spray painted them pink (Krylon Ballet Slipper in Satin) then wrapped them in pink yarn (Red Heart Super Saver in Baby Pink). I attached the yarn on the back with hot glue, I added glue at the beginning and the end, plus every so often while wrapping to make sure that the yarn wouldn't slide around.

I love the subtle texture made by wrapping the pink yarn around the pink frame. It was simple, but made the frames look so pretty. Plus now, like a few other decorations, Netta is using them in Mila's room.

Some of the food Liz made! Caprese toothpicks, bruschetta, cucumber tea sandwiches, strawberry jam and cream cheese sandwiches, deli wraps, an edible arrangement, baby quiche, crescent roll cocktail sausages, spinach dip and that empty platter there was for some bacon wrapped cocktail sausages that were still in the oven. I just had to take the picture, cause the guests were about to start eating!! :)

Some fresh vegetables, and some cheese and crackers, yum!!

We decided on pink gerbera daisies for flower arrangements. (They're my favorite flower, by the way. I like them in any color!!)

I used this tutorial as a guide for making the pennant banner above. Only I made smaller triangles, and punched only 2 holes in each one. I really liked how I was able to assemble it there, and adjust the length based on the size of the bar. 

Liz made these circles hanging from the ceiling. I was only half paying attention when she did them. But I believe she cut the circles with her Cricut. The ran them through her Xyron machine to make the backs sticky (you could also just apply adhesive to the back of the circles). After that she just sandwiched some yarn between two circles, until they were the length she wanted. Pretty easy, and a fun way to add some color!!

Liz got the idea from Pinterest of course!! You can check out all our party inspiration here if you like! I think the hanging circles are toward the bottom. There are several ideas that we didn't end up using, that might inspire someone else. :)

Water bottle made pretty and pink!!!! I love them!

Removing the old labels and covering water bottles with pretty paper makes a huge difference, plus, it makes the drinks, part of the decorations! I wanted mine waterproof, so I laminated both sides with clear packing tape, leaving the top piece slightly longer so I could attach it to the bottle. Hope that makes sense. There are lots of tutorials online for doing this, maybe if I do it again at another party, I will take pictures of my way, and write up a tutorial, but not today.

Anyways, I'm sick with a cold, and my house is a disaster, plus my DVR is almost 100% full, so I need to get off the computer and either clean or relax, or maybe a little of both.

♥ Kim


  1. You said the signs for the food and beverages were coming soon, but I don't see them. Can you upload them?

    Thank you!

  2. Everything looks so beautiful! Wish you could do my parties!! :)

  3. Hi Kimberly -
    Where can I find the pink & white water bottle labels. These are perfect for my baby shower?

    1. The water bottle labels were made by cutting strips of scrapbook paper. I bought the paper at Michaels in the bulk 12x12 paper section. It was in 2011, so I'm not sure if they still carry that design, but maybe you can find it. Good luck!! :):):)

  4. random question but where did you purchase the gray and pink plastic drinking cups?

    1. Liz bought the cups, I am not sure where she got them. I'm sorry. :(

    2. They sell the gray and pink cups at party city!

  5. Where did you get the trays/ holders for the cheese and crackers and the veggies. They are gorgeous!

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