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Friday, December 14, 2012

Day 2: Elfie's Toy Tower

For his second night of fun Elfie decided to raid Riley's toys, and build a giant tower! It's a combo of magneatos, legos, stacking cups and books with a Hershey's kiss on top.

Here's the note he left for Riley:

He pulled the ottomans out from under the toy box, and built the tower on top of them. It helped make it even taller. Plus it prevented Chumba from knocking the whole thing over in the middle of the night.

He also used some letter magnets and alphabet legos to leave Riley a message. :):)

Then he got inside the tower and decided to relax until Riley got up.

Riley spotted the kiss immediately. He gobbled it up, and left the wrapper in it's place, haha. Then he took Elfie out and put some wrapped books (from day 1) inside the tower. He knocked it over in the process. But that's okay, cause he had other plans to make the tower even taller!!

He got out all of his alphabet legos, and with Daddy's help he stacked every one of them on top. He did all the work, but had to stand on a kitchen chair to reach, and needed Daddy's help to balance. I was shocked they all went up without falling!!

He was rather impressed with his creation. I have the cutest picture of him sitting on the arm of the green chair taking pictures of it. In case you hadn't noticed, he hates clothing, and is butt naked all the time (even today when it was snowing outside), and of course he was naked in that picture, so no sharing. But it was so sweet, and he sooooo takes after me, taking pictures of his projects, and doing whatever it takes to get that perfect shot. It's super cute to watch him do his thing.

So that's it. Elfie needs to print out some coloring pages for tonight, and I need to go watch The Vampire Diaries, and maybe some Nikita before i go to bed. Good night.

♥ Kim


  1. I am so falling in love with this gorgeous unfolding adventure. What a lovely family xx


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