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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Meeting Santa Claus

Riley was actually excited to visit Santa this year. And it is the first time ever that he didn't cry. Of course he was still kinda scared of him, but he was old enough understand who Santa was, and he wanted to make sure to tell him what he wanted for Christmas (a Lady train- which is of course, discontinued, so it's expensive, but I was able to find one on ebay for $19.99, yay!!!)

So he walked up to him, but he wouldn't let go of my hand. Somehow I managed to get him to sit next to Santa, and when he gave him a sucker, he finally let go. Mitch told me to get out of the way, and they managed to snap a picture, before Riley jumped down and dragged me back over. Then while I was holding his hand again, and helping interpret, he told Santa that he wanted a train, that he wanted Lady. This was the first time he had ever talked to Santa, and it was very cute to watch. :)

After our visit, we went to the play area, and rode all the coin operated toys (a quad, airplane, hot dog van, train, there were a bunch). He liked that! Then we stopped at the gum ball machines, and I let Riley put a quarter in, and get some candy out. I loved gum ball machines as a kid, so it was kinda cool to see Riley experience it for the first time. :):)

♥ Kim


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