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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Not a thing!

So, nothing was accomplished yesterday as planned. I didn't even go to bed until 1:30 in the afternoon on Tuesday, and I had to get up 2 hours later to take Mitch to his alcohol is bad class. So all I wanted to do is sleep when I got home. So my inner "bossy boss" doesn't get to kick my working butt into a motivated state until we get back home from Cali on Monday, or possibly Tuesday. Oh, did I forget to mention that we left tonight for California. Yeah, I'm at moms now. We were supposed to leave toDAY, not toNIGHT, but with the sleeping and laundry, and frequent trips to my studio to check on my auctions, we got a late start, again. We never get here before midnight.

Anyways, lets get to why we are here. My cousin Robert is getting married on Sunday. He was the baby for so many years, before Diane's kids, and he is the first of us to have a "wedding", Netta was married first, but she did a parents only Tahoe wedding. Mitch also has to tile his parents kitchen floor, thus the extended visit. I didn't know we were coming up here sooooo soon, and had lotsa scrapbooking plans. I finally accepted the fact that I don't get to scrapbook for a week, or play with my new scrapbooking stuff I bought. I hate that, I always get my ordered stuff the day before we leave for Cali. GRRRRR. So since I had to push those angry feelings deep down inside. I don't wanna bitch at Mitch too much (a rhyme hehe). I decided to have fun fun fun this weekend. Like swimming and tanning at his parents, and shopping for a dress to wear to the wedding with Laura. No worries, just fun!!! Yay.

Well I'm off to snuggle with Mitchy poo. He has to wake up early. Good night!

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