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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Gotta miss Amador County

So, I decided to get all dolled up today, just to drive to Jackson to see Carrie at Safeway. I knew she was working. And I miss her, plus leaving the house gave me a reason to get pretty. I love getting pretty, although I do also love sitting around at home in my jammies, with no make up on, and my hair high up in a ponytail. Mommy wanted to come with me tonight, she says she only does spontaneous things when she is with me, but since she had to be at work at 4:00 in the morning, I made her go to bed, with promises of fun the next night... (her Friday) our Saturday! Mitch also asked to go, and I really would have loved to hang out with him, but the point of my little Jackson trip was to visit Safeway, and my friends there. So he would have been bored, and I would have felt bad. Plus he came up here to do his parents tile floor, and he needed sleep, so that he can get lots done tomorrow. I don't want him to have to miss the wedding on Sunday. So I went alone. Although I think some feelings might have been hurt. I will give him lotsa kisses tomorrow (like I did in this picture, taken at the Buckhorn bar, here in Amador county!), and maybe a present when I shop.
I got to see Carrie, I miss her. And I talked to Dave Dillard. Martha was crazy on the intercom tonight. Her and Debbie were having conversations. WOW! Martha actually said she was going to kill someone.... over the loudspeaker!!!!! Me and Dave were looking at each other like what the heck is going on??? Not literally kill someone, but seriously, you don't say that! CRAZY!

I also went to the Jackson Rancheria, for a short visit to where my slot addiction was born. I turned my $20 into $50. Yay for me. I love it when that happens, I was good, and now I have a little extra to shop with tomorrow. Some cute new shoes to go with a cute new dress for the wedding. I dunno, we will see. But none of it will happen unless I sleep. So I'm off to make a bed on Dylan's floor. Night!

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