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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bad Dog!

I haven't posted anything on here lately, I have been so freakin busy!!! Mitch just made chicken Shish-Kabobs. Well, he bought them at the store, and put them on the BBQ. They were really plain. Not what my tummy was desiring!!! And...... Chumba stole 2 of them off the BBQ!!! Crazy, annoying, disobedient dog! He never listens. And, because I try sooooo hard to make him listen, he doesn't like me very much. I'm the mean mommy, and Mitch is the nice, loving daddy, who spoils him!!! GRRRRRR. Here is a picture of the little punk.

He is an 8 month old basset hound. He thinks he is king of the world, seriously. I have never ever met a dog as stubborn as him. I really do love him. But seriously, I never knew such a cute little puppy with such an innocent sad little face, could make me sooooooo mad! He chews on everything! Like my coasters.....
Yep, he is the reason I need to buy new coasters. Well, these are rather plain to begin with, so I was gonna buy new, funky, unique, pretty coasters eventually. But now, they are at the TOP of my shopping list. Etsy has some cute ones.

He still hasn't learned how to howl. I only pray that my neighbors won't call the cops all the time when his howl finally comes in. They already have for his barking. Which is so very loud, you wouldn't think such a sweet face could make such awful noises. Whining, and LOUD constant, run together barks!He never even takes breaths in between, I'm shocked he doesn't pass out! I know I'm whining bunches about my little whiner. I really do love the brat. And someday, he will be all grown up (and fixed) and calm and normal. And I'll miss the crazy wild puppy he is right now. So I'm gonna end this blog, and go find my little Chumba, and give him kisses. Just as soon as I kick him outta my chair he knows he is not allowed in..... LOL!

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