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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Craving Veggies

Believe me, I am quite aware of just how spoiled I am. And to the spoilers Mitch and Dad, I say thank you very much! I get dinner, not just cooked for me, but brought up to my studio, on a plate already salted and peppered just the way I like almost every night. And it is always very yummy! Just take a look at tonight's dinner!
But look a little closer, and you will see something missing....... yep, vegetables. For some reason they are almost never included with any meal, and they are something I have been craving very much lately. Seriously though, who craves veggies?
I did just find out I am pregnant, which you can read all about at this blog, but still, I have never heard of a pregnant woman craving veggies. But hey, go me! At least at this point I am craving healthy foods, and I'm sure it will go away once I am actually getting my recommended servings of vegetables everyday! Anyways, I did go downstairs and make myself some acorn squash to go with tonight's dinner. MMMMMM, feeling much more satisfied now!

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