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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The condition of home

You know, nothing gets my house clean faster than company coming over! Seriously!!! My mom called Sunday to say that she had a couple days off, and wanted to come visit me (her first trip to my home in Nevada).

The thought of mom and dad spending a couple of days together in my home was somewhat daunting, plus with dad sleeping in the guest room, I didn't really have anywhere but my living room couch and the floor to put my mom, Josh and my 4 year old nephew Dylan. But after talking to both mom and dad, I decided that moms visit would be fun, and was anxiously excited.
So, it's just family coming, and my thought was, why should I clean and especially mop, when I know from experience that it just gets dirty again 1 hour into their visit??? But, Mitch decided that he wanted the house spotless for moms visit, (though he didn't care too much when his parents came last month, and I was freaking out!)
We washed the couple dishes in the sink, wiped the counters, swept, mopped and vacuumed. He decided dusting wasn't necessary (although I think dusting is necessary everyday in this house... Nevada.... dessert.... dirt field behind the house.... so annoying!!!) So we didn't dust. Dad cleaned the bathrooms. And as I was about to ignore Mitch's comments, and dust anyways, I was banished to the upstairs.... to my bedroom, the messiest room in the house.
Since our California trip, I'd let things go. You know clothes everywhere (most of them his) and luggage still unpacked. Big mess! I really didn't wanna be banished to my room, I mean come on, it's "my" mom, she really doesn't care if my room is messy, but I reluctantly cleaned (half of it) and got to stop early when she called for us to met her at Smiths. Mitch decided we needed to meet her there, and have her follow us the rest of the way. We can walk to Smiths, that's how close it is. Luckily I got her that far. He originally wanted to meet her in Carson City, soooooo unnecessary!!!

It really was amazing how fast everything got cleaned up with 3 people working on it! And I was right.... they brought their 2 dogs to play with our basset hound Chumba while they were here. And between them, Dylan tracking dog poop through my dining and living room, and everyone going in and out constantly (I won't let them smoke in my house) my floors were gross and dirty almost instantly!!!

One night, they decided to play catch (and throw the orange at each others head) with my plastic oranges. Every time I came downstairs they stopped, and pretended they weren't. But I told them I could hear everything from my studio, and that if they broke anything I'd be MAD!!! They are all really scared of mad Kimmy, it is kinda funny, the fear I invoke. So I totally get made fun of for my bowl of plastic oranges. But I love them.

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  1. LOL @ the plastic orange toss... :)
    Your blog background is beautiful!! Nice job!
    :) Mags,


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