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Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Fight with my Scissors

So..... yesterday, while taping up a package for a customer, I managed to stab myself. With my scissors. Sounds strange right??? Cut, maybe, but stab? Seriously?!? To understand fully you must know that they were my brand new, super pointy EK Success Cutter Bee scissors. VERY pointy tip on these. They come with a cover, to prevent accidents like mine. Oh, and the wound happened on the palm of my right hand. Right between my thumb and index finger. Which is a big deal, because I am right handed. Do you know how hard it was to shower today. Mitch calls it a baby scratch. It is so NOT a baby scratch!!! It bled for hours! It also swelled up, and caused bruising on like a quarter sized area of my palm. Dad was here when it happened, he made me put my hand under cold running water, and then put pressure on the cut to slow the bleeding (ouch!) Then he bandaged it up for me, with one of the only 3 band aids I have in my house (I need to go shopping). So from this point on, I vow to recap my scissors anytime they are not in use. And to not set them on the edge of the desk, where I can knock them over, and get stabbed again!

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  1. Ouch!! I've got the same scissors - and they are tiny AND sharp!! Thanks for visiting my blog!!! Yours is VERY cutie-McCute-Cute!!


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