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Monday, August 18, 2008

I'm Mrs. Kimberly Young now!!!

On Saturday August 16th, me and Mitch finally tied the knot!!! I am so happy! It was a pretty small wedding with only about 20 guests. But they all did their best to make my day as special as possible!

You've all seen my dress from a previous post. And before I get to the wedding pictures, I want to share some other little details that helped make my wedding beautiful!!! My little nephew Dylan was my ring bearer, and I made the ring pillow myself.I also made my bouquet, but forgot to take bouquet only pictures... oops! But you will see it in my other pictures. Mitch never tossed my garter, but I wore it the whole day, I made it too! My very first one, it doubled as my something blue! My shoes were my something old, I have had them for a few years, Andrea bought them for me when I fell in love with them while looking for wedding shoes (back when I planned on having white shoes, I was sad these didn't come in white, but the black worked out perfect!)
And my veil. Which was one of the many new things I wore.
The only thing I didn't have was something borrowed, my mother-in-law was supposed to give me Mitch's grandmothers hankerchief, but during all the commotion before the wedding we all forget. Oh well. The wedding took place at the Truckee River Walk in Reno, NV.
The only regret I have is that I didn't get more pictures after the ceremony, anywhere besides the gazebo we were married in.
With the pretty fountain and staircase and stuff I could have gotten some really pretty pictures, but there was so much craziness right afterward, and some drama too (that I won't get into). Me and Mitch couldn't afford the professional picture package, and didn't know you had to order it before the ceremony. My sister Sami tried her hardest afterward to get them to take our pictures, knowing how much it would mean to me. Her, my Grandma and my mom were going to pitch in and buy them for us (they are so sweet) but unfortunately it didn't work out.
Anyways, I'm gonna stop talking about that incident now, because, even though I kept a smile on the whole day, today (2 days later) I'm on the verge of tears over the incident. So instead I'll share a few of the cute pictures I did get, I don't have them all yet, I am waiting on my Aunt Diane, and Connie (mother-in-law) to send me the pictures they got! This is us during the ceremony.
Mitch was laughing or on the verge of laughing throughout the entire ceremony. Which made me want to laugh. And of course I knew why, I can totally read his expressions, and, well, it was cute! I love him! My nephew Dylan was our ring bearer, he also walked me down the aisle. Isn't he adorable?I told him before the ceremony that there wasn't a traditional aisle, and that he was just walking me to Uncle Mitch. Which he totally didn't approve of, he said it was his job to walk me down the "aisle" LOL. So the whole time we were walking up, he kept asking "Kimmy, is this the aisle, is this the aisle?" It was so cute.

Once we got to Mitch, he stood right next to us where he was supposed to be and was quiet and still the entire time. He was such a good boy, and we never even had a rehearsal or anything. I am so proud of him. Here is a picture of me getting our rings from him.
And me putting the ring on Mitch's finger (I'm still waiting for the one of Mitch putting the ring on my finger, Aunt Diane got one).
When she said "Mitcheal, you may now kiss your beautiful bride" Mitch who had teased me for days about how I wasn't getting a real kiss, nut rather a peck, or a kiss on the cheek, said "on the cheek?" out loud. It was funny. And followed by a perfect kiss!
Here we are husband and wife!!!I am so happy. I have more of my wedding story and pictures to share, including the BBQ reception the was thrown "for us" by my Aunt Diane. Which was so sweet of her. But I will save that for another post. My new husband should be home from his first day of work at his new job soon, and I want to get a few things done before he does.

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