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Sunday, August 31, 2008

What a Day!

Sometimes life is pretty darn sucky. Mitch's truck blew a head gasket today. And we can't afford to fix it. It is our only vehicle. We have a Honda back in California, but also found out today from Mitch's dad, who is a mechanic that it isn't worth the money to fix it, because it is "on it's last leg". Wow, no cars for us. And Mitch was stressing bad because he thought he was gonna lose his new job, because he had no way to get there.

Well, after talking to his parents, they decided to let us use their explorer, until Mitch's dad can tow our car to his shop to fix it. It may not seem like much, but it is. They live in California, about 3 hours from us. They drove all the way here, and brought the car right away!!! They also filled up the gas tank, then took us out to dinner. And boy was it yummy!!!

I'm soooo glad that his parents are not only able to help, but so willing to do anything they can, without us even having to ask for it. I love them, and am so grateful to be part of their wonderful family!


  1. I can totally relate with this one. The same thing happened to us a few months ago with our car. Thank heaven for families that are willing to help!

  2. Oh man, that does suck! Thank goodness you do have someone to rely on!!


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