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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As Promised...

I don't want my blog to be know as a depressing one, and seriously, I know it has been lately. So I will keep my word, and share some happy news that has happened lately, as promised in my last post! So.......

Let's start with my hubby's birthday. On September 13Th Mitch turned 27! After he got off work, we met his parents in Lake Tahoe for dinner. It was a lobster buffet at MontBleu. Y-U-M-M-Y!!! His Dad, who has rarely acted like he liked me very much was pretty darn drunk. It was sooooo very funny to watch him. He was a total goofball, he kept making the lobster talk and dance, and salute, and any thing else you can possibly think of. It was hilarious. And it was really, and I mean really annoying my mother in law Connie. She finally yanked the lobster out of his hand, ripping the head right off the body. Me and Mitch kept looking at each other and laughing.

After dinner, we went back over to the Horizon, where his parents were staying, they had a band playing, and we ordered drinks. We talked, and at one point Dennis (my father in law) asked me what I was drinking, so he could order me another one. I told him it was a "sex on the beach" he looked at me like I was joking, then looked at Connie like I was joking, she told him I wasn't, so he went up to the bartender and asked "do you make sex on the beach?" Well a minute later he came back with my drink with a very amused but shocked look on his face. All night he kept talking about how crazy a name that was for a drink. Of course I had to set him straight and tell him that that was actually a fairly mild name compared to others like "screaming orgasm" and "blow job". His mouth literally dropped open when I said that. And at that moment I thought it might be fun to compile an list complete with recipes of some super naughty cocktails. Connie couldn't believe what I told him. It was funny.

All night me and Dennis wanted to dance, me with Mitch and Dennis with Connie (it was also their anniversary, they had Mitch on their one year anniversary!) But Mitch and Connie were party poopers, and I was warned by Connie NOT to dance with Dennis, cause he didn't know how to dance, lol. But finally I caved, and Mitch got some pictures to prove it!!!
I wish I could remember the song we were dancing to. Grrrrr, I can't though. But it was really fast, and upbeat, and everyone was jumping around. It was very fun!!! And let me just say I was worn out by the time we were done dancing. It is a nice memory to have, and maybe eventually me and my father in law will be buddies???
Now, I have more to share, but I need to make Mitch lunch for tomorrow, and maybe get some house stuff done. So, next time!!!

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  1. Those pictures are funny!!! The look on your face is priceless!!!!!! HAHA!!

    I just got caught up on your blog. I don't know what to say but, "sorry" - how it breaks my heart to hear these things.


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