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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today I cleaned my bathrooms, yeah, fun!

I had such an exciting day, really! First off, I slept all night, and almost all day, seriously! And coming from me, that is AMAZING, at least lately it is, nothing has been able to keep me asleep for more than 2 or 3 hours in the last month, and finally I got a great, wonderful, LONG 15 hours of sleep. And dreams, I miss dreams!!! YAY, I feel rested, and unfortunately am wide awake when I was trying to go back to night time sleeping. Darn it. Am I forever doomed to be a night owl???

Sooooo, after I woke up at 2:30 this afternoon, I cleaned. Yeppers, I started with my two icky dirty, in much need of loving cleaning bathrooms. And hours (yeah they were that bad) later my bathrooms look, smell and feel clean. Bliss!!!See!!! Clean! This is bathroom #1, MINE!!! Meaning I use this one the mostest! It is in my bedroom, and I love monkeys, I am sooo glad Mitch lets me decorate how I want.

Don't you like the M and K I put above the perty decorator towels we NEVER ever use. I threatened much violence if Mitch ever touched them, LOL, the ones we use are on hooks on the back of the door.

The rug is my favorite. But unfortunately it is taking a temporary vacation in my closet... my kitty Karma just arrived at her new home (she was in Cali at our old house with my mommy forever, but finally joined us here in Nevada) and her litter box is in the bathroom. I hate litter boxes, and she has never had to use one, but I won't let her outside yet, so I need somewhere for her to potty. Well, you should see the other side of the rug, she really scratched it up BAD!!! But this side is still pretty. So to save poor Mr. Monkey, I moved him to the closet for now, but I brought him out to share with all of you!And here is my other bathroom, I haven't put as much time and money into this one yet. The toilet seat is usually up, because Chumba will only drink outta the toilet. But I closed it for the sake of picture taking... trust me it is sparkling clean!

After the bathrooms were done, I cleaned my bedroom, and vacuumed upstairs. I even made my bed. I never make my bed, I just get sooo sad when Mitch messes it up to get into it that very same night! Sorry no pictures, Mitch is sleeping. Maybe when I decorate my bedroom... someday. Poor bedroom, the bed is lonely with no one to talk to but the nightstand. I seriously need more furniture. Once again... someday!

Now tomorrow, I need to tackle the cabinet under the bathroom sink!YIKES!!! Look there is even a scrapbooking magazine under there, maybe it'll inspire me to make some new pages.

So after that I made dinner, pork chops, asparagus, and pesto. Yummy! Then after Mitch went to bed, I was having a sweet craving so I made Betty Crocker cookie brownie bars. Only I never cut them into bars!!! I'll just continue to eat them outta the pan, hehehe! Anyways, since then I have sat here and caught up on myspace, and wrote this blog. At least I was semi-productive today. Now if only I could fall asleep...


  1. Kimberly Daniel, your bathrooms look AMAZING!!! lol and are those cookie brownies a treat for ya?? lol good work I think they look pretty, I especially love the pic of your feet and the rug. I LOVE YOU SIS

  2. okay.... lol I so called you DANIEL.. that is Izaiah's middle name! lol Kimberly Danielle that better missy!

  3. that monkey bathroom is too cute!! And who cuts desserts into bars?? We always eat straight from the pan!!


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