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Friday, October 10, 2008

For a Christmas Card

I am trying something new-ish. I used to like drawing when I was growing up, I stopped around age 17. But decided a few days ago I want to try selling handmade cards. I have always loved making cards, but there are so many copyrights with rubber stamps, and other stuff. What to do? What to do?

I decided to draw a rubber stamped type image, scan it into my computer, then tweak, resize, and print the desired size (the scanning into my computer part allows me to print multiple images if need be, for layering if desired) Then I can use my embossing pen to add the embossing powders if I want them (since computer ink dries faster than stamping ink) and from there continue to decorate the image as if it had been rubber stamped, and then add it to my card. Sounds a bit complicated, but actually pretty darn easy, and new (for me) and fun (especially since it is different, and I like drawing) So here is me in the process of drawing... I did everything in pencil first, and many papers later I finally had what I wanted, so I used a fine point pen to trace over all my work, then erased the ugly pencil marks. And this is the finished result, scanned into my computer:I kinda like it, and it totally looks like a rubber stamped image (with outlines to be filled in with pretty decorations later) Now this weekend, I am gonna print it out, and make it into a card. I'm home alone all weekend, since Mitch is going fishing with his parents in Susanville, so I got lots of time!!! I'll show you what I come up with when I'm all done!


  1. I really like it! You should design for a rubber stamp company or something! Seriously! I wish I could draw! I even went to art school and everything! I can only draw good with a computer lol!

  2. SOOO cute Kimmy! You were always the really creative one and I love to see your work! You totally inspire me to want to do things... but you were the one blessed with this gift... I cant wait to see it finished...

  3. That picture is seriously SO adorable! I love it! You are such a creative person, it inspires me to start being crafty again. I've been on hiatus for too long I think! I can't wait to see your finished cards. They will be adorable!


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