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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Snow??!??! In OCTOBER????

Does the post title sum it up enough? Or shall I go on???

It snowed here in Nevada yesterday and today. I was still using my AC a week ago, and now snow, what the freakin heck is up with that? I was all happy for "FALL" not "WINTER" Seriously, mother nature don't you know it's October??? Yeah, that's what I thought. Don't get me wrong, I am friends with the snow, as long as I can look at it falling oh so prettily from the windows, on the inside part of my house. And I do, or did. See!!! This was the views from my upstairs windows at 7:45 this morning. Yeah, yeah, I know, there wasn't "that much" snow, but I had to wake poor Mitchy-Poo up half an hour earlier so he would get to work on time (that is the only sucky part).

Anywho, it's all melted now. If only the freezing cold would melt away with it, and bring back the perfect fall weather I was expecting. I'm off to go crank up my heater...


  1. I HATE SNOW!! I am so glad we are in Jackson now!! I miss you sis! I am glad it was just snow and not a tornado hahaha just teasing you babe! xoxo talk to you soon!

  2. I think that cold streak has been going through everywhere! It was super cold here too and now we are back to warming up. I hate being cold!


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