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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I am {that} weird!

If you don't like feet, don't read this post.... lol!!!

Ok, So being the HUGE dork I am {plus the fact I was bored, and LOVE the socks I have on} I decided to take a picture of my feet {and legs} wearing my socks...

Aren't they just adorable? So I got to thinking of all the {Kim's feet} pictures I take! Trust me, if I included pictures of other feet that weren't mine this post would not just be long, but super duper long!
There's BARE feet! I think I took this one because my toenails were freshly painted, and they matched the vase and curtains so well, haha!
Pretty Slippered feet. Notice that my slippers match my studio, because I just love BLUE and GREEN! And they have butterflies on them, because I also love butterflies!!!

These feet were wearing new green birthday heels! I had an awesome sparkly dress to wear them with!! Of course I didn't wear them long, because we went roller skating for my birthday... I MADE everyone come. We had a BLAST!!! Yes I was roller skating in a dress {although I must admit I decided to put jeans on under my dress due to the fact that it was FREEZING outside, there might have been snow!}
The feet on the car dash were on their way to my sister Danetta's 21st birthday party! They were happy summertime feet, that loved to be in these lace up shoes!!!
Red shoes shown are one of my FAVORITES, and "oh so comfy" really!!! And they are on DRUNK feet! Notice how wobbly they look, hee hee!
Now before you even say how UGLY these black boot wearing feet are, trust me I know! But I was a witch for Halloween, and needed to wear some ugly witchy shoes! So my Aunt loaned me these! So out came my camera to capture the utter ugliness!
These are plain ol' everyday feet! They were standing in line at the grocery store. After walking through a field to get there!
Which would explain the icky dirtiness of Mitch's feet standing next to them! {below}
So, sometimes I get feet picture participants! As the picture above, and these last four will show!
Below is a WILLING participant! Danetta is a shoe whore like me, so we like taking pictures of our feet, I mean shoes! ;o)
Once my nieces tiny baby feet participated in a fun comparison photo shoot! She falls into the "I had no choice" category of willingness I suppose!
Then there's my unknowing participant. Mitch was sleeping in the picture below! Haha. I don't think he is even aware this picture exists!
And finally, there is the "unwilling" participant!!! Poor little Sami {littlest sister} was victim to me and my camera the other day! She was involved in a conversation with Shad, and I was camera happy! Once I took it, she looked at me and asked if I had just taken a picture of our feet??? YEPPERS! And I'm not gonna delete it. Hahahahahaha!
So in conclusion, I am {that} weird! A silly girl that enjoys taking pictures, loves randomness, and is a HUGE dork by nature! But I hear my people love me just the way I am!

OK, I gotta make dinner now, and finish my hall-O-ween dec-O-rating!!! Good night!!!!!


  1. OMG! I LOVE feet! Too bad mine are ugly! But yours are beautiful! I love all of the photos of your feet, especially the one with your and your neice! I need to take a pic of mine and Reagan's feet.... hers are getting big now!

  2. You're too funny Em. My little sister always loved my feet. I hate them cause they went and got arthritis, {I have psoriasis, and recently developed psoriatic arthritis} and I can't wear half of my freakin shoes anymore! It hurts too bad.

    And the really funny thing is that my left foot has a huge scar covering my whole foot. I got my foot ran over {and got hospitalized for 2 weeks} when I was seven years old, and my parents thought I would be too self conscious to wear sandals or anything that showed my scar after that. I forget it is even there, lol.

  3. OMG!! not that i have pretty feet or anything...but KIMBERLY! i don't even have them done, well they are painted but like chipped and not fresh!!! haha your a dork. you no i was reading and looking at the pics and thought to myself there is no way she has a picture of my feet, well you surprise me lol it's ok though i don't feel left out now, well at least my feet don't=]


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