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Monday, October 27, 2008

Christmas {Tree} Card... finally done!

Do you remember this post and this post? Well my drawing finally made its way into becoming a card! YAY! I'm a slacker girl lately with Halloween decorating and making my small garage into a mini haunted house for the neighborhood kids... so I won't be listing it until I actually make a matching envelope. But I decided to take a mini break from decorating and share a few pictures.
So what do you think? It really looks soooo much better in real life. It's all super dimensional, and sparkly and pretty! I really need a WAY better camera. Someday.......

And until then I will try my best to capture as much as I can using my crappy camera and my scanner. :)


  1. K, so I don't know if it is your blog or my computer, but I went to other blogs and they were fine, but it took about an hour for your page to load! Everything would come up normal, but the place with your posts was totally blank. Anyway, so now you know how much I wanted to make a comment about your card! I have to say it is SOOOOOO unbelievably cute! I wish I could pay you to make all of my cards for me this year, but something tells me it would be WAY too expensive! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how adorable I think it is and what a GREAT job you did! Thanks for sharing it!

  2. this card turned out really good. did you ever finish the inside like you wanted to?? your work is ALWAYS really good on the computer, but in real life it is like 1000 time better! if only everyone knew how talented you are!


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