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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Memememememe... You know you were dying to know!

So Kim, one of my favorite people in the blog world, tagged me to do a fun meme! I am more than happy to oblige her! But won't be tagging others. I am still fairly new to blog land and honestly don't have many peeps to tag. But... if you read me and think you'd have fun answering these questions, make sure to let me know! I'd love to read your answers!!!

7 Things I Want To Do Before I Die...

1. Have a real life store of my own... selling something made just by me (or at least a really cute and successful web store!)

2. Have a couple little kidlets to call my own.

3. Catch up on all my personal scrapbooks. Somehow I get a year further behind every year! ???

4. Be known for being on time, instead of always late!

5. Learn how to play the piano.

6. Have my dream scrapbook studio.

7. Go to New York.7 Things I Can Do...

1. Make my own Christmas Cards.

2. Make an amazing apple pie (with the best flaky crust, even my MIL who is an awesome cook is jealous)

3. Program the remote control with ease (which blows Mitch's mind, cause he couldn't if he tried, lol!)

4. Act out and sing along to The Little Mermaid, since I was 6? 7? 8 years old? Something like that.

5. Change the subject (and when I want to you won't even know the subjects been changed)

6. Eat an entire bag of string cheese, god I love that stuff!

7. Shop!!! Seriously!

7 Things I Can Not Do...

1. Live without my Carmex.

2. Get my hands wet without lotion nearby. (I HATE getting wet!)

3. Wash dishes without gloves (see above)

4. Resist buying new shoes (I have about 85 pairs, and was dreaming of new ones just today!)

5. See with out my contacts in (I am legally blind without them, my drivers license even has a little notation on it)

6. Add without using my fingers.

7. Drink coffee (gross gross gross!)

7 Things That Attracted Me To My Hubby...

1. He is very a outgoing person (versus my shy self)

2. He always tries to make me laugh, even when I am screaming at him.

3. From day one, he has never been afraid to show his mushy side.

4. For almost 8 years now he calls me every time we are apart (several times each day) just to say hi and that he misses me.

5. He believes in karma and will go out of his way to help someone.

6. He tries his hardest to prove me wrong.

7. And when he realizes I am right (again) he gets the cutest sulky face, like a disappointed little boy and pretends to be mad at me.

7 Things I Say Most Often...

1. Seriously? (question)

2. Seriously! (statement)

3. Oh my God!

4. Stooooooop!

5. CHUMBA! NO!!!!! (my doggy is ALWAYS bad!)

6. Maybe.

7. babers... (insert whatever I might possibly want from him at that moment)

7 Celebrity Crushes...

1. Joshua Jackson. Dawsons Creek, now Fringe, mmmmmm.

2. George Clooney (since I was a little girl)

3. Patrick Dempsey. Who can resist McDreamy???

4. Hugh Laurie... I love him on House, don't laugh!

5. Matthew McConaughey. Who doesn't?

6. Michael Vartan, I miss Alias.

7. Ryan Phillippe, ever since Cruel Intentions, that boys a hottie!


  1. I feel like I really know ya now! haha thanks for playing along!

  2. OMG!!! We have the same taste in men!! Those are my fave celeb guys too! Except I would have had to have added an 8th.... Richard Gere.... mmm.... Oh and I've met George Clooney... muuuuch hotter in person! :-)

  3. Most excellent celebrity crushes!!


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