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Sunday, October 19, 2008


Every time Mitch called me yesterday he would ask what are you doing? And every single time I would answer "Coloring".
It got pretty darn funny, and to the point where he would just say "are you still coloring?" Well kinda, but not exactly. I was coloring, embossing, glittering, layering, cutting and gluing. Plus playing on the computer, cooking dinner, picking up around the house, taking a lunch break, and dealing with Chumba (aka bad doggy in case you weren't sure) every 5 freakin minutes!!!
He drives me nutso's. It is like babysitting, and no that wasn't a typo, dog sitting would be a breeze. But I was "babysitting" my own dog, who thinks everything, and I mean everything is his chew toy. And baby proofing, oops I mean dog proofing my home is pointless now, because he has recently discovered that furniture and vinyl floors are the best chew toys. What to do? What to do? Maybe I'll go insane???
Sorry, back to my "coloring"... You remember my drawing? Well yesterday I finally managed to squeeze in some time to work on it. So I took a few pictures of the different stages.
Notice the red circle in the last picture? That is the next thing to be colored, the little bear that is going to get layered on there just one more time.

Now don't judge me based on these pictures, they aren't the best, I seriously need a new (better) camera. And am not gonna scan my work in progress. But come on admit it, seeing my creative process is fun!!! Now I'm off to finish this baby. Next up: The completed card. WOO HOO!

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