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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chumba Stand

In my last post I said I had a video of little Chummers to share. Since he was a pup, Mitch has been teaching him how to balance on his two back legs. He used to have to jump up on you to do it, but he slowly learned how to balance on his own, and now he doesn't even need anything to help him up. Mitch decided to call this a "Chumba Stand" and Chumba knows what it is, and will do it on command. It's sooooo cute!

He has also started doing "Chumba Stands" all on his own, like when he see's us coming back from the garage {where the treats are} or when he wants something that we have, like a bite of our dinner. He's sucha dork!!!

Here is the little cone head...

After gettin' his little self good and fixed on Tuesday, he got this cool cone to wear until he's all healed up! He almost got outta the vet without it, but silly puppers decided to lick his wound. He is adjusting to it! I really thought he'd be a whiner about the whole thing, but surprisingly, he has just kinda adjusted to it. Like the cone is now a part of him or something.

Check out how dirty it is.... ewwww yucky! The only sucky thing is that he can't seem to get his head into his food bowl to eat. So I have to tilt it up for him. But he gets all mad at me, cause he doesn't want help, and starts barking at me and the bowl, lol! So I gotta sneak my hand under the bowl, so he thinks he's doing it all by himself!!!

Anyways, one final thing before I go... my presents {I also promised to share}.

I told Mitch about two books I wanted to get, and asked him to see if he could check for one of them while at the grocery store. Well surprise! He got me both of them!

Amber had told me about "Marley and me" she said Chumba reminds her of Marley. So I am excited to read this book. It looks really good! I also got "Twilight". After hearing so many good things about this book, I gotta read it, and then go to see the movie! Actually both of these books are also movies! "Marley and me" comes out on Christmas! How exciting!!!

Anyways, it is about time to get dinner going. Mitch is on his way home! Have a great night!!!


  1. CUTE doggie!
    Happy will LOVE Twilight!

  2. LOL! That has to be the cutest thing ever! I was expecting just to rest on his legs, but then when he plopped over onto his rear it totally made me laugh! I thought he was going to fall over backward....way too cute. So I'm so excited for you that you got that book! I hope you like it. As for the Twilight, I think I'm the only one in the world who refuses to read them! My sister read them and told me about them (she was less than enthused) and after hearing how everyone, even the die hard fans, hated the last book, that sealed the deal for me! You'll have to let us all know what you think about them! Happy reading :o)

  3. You will love them both. It has been a while since I've read Marley & Me but it was definitely a good read. Sad in parts... but very good overall. As for Twilight... I'm pretty sure you've already read lots of great reviews or comments about that!

  4. You better go ahead and HURRY to buy the other three Twilight books. Because each is awesome AND total cliffhangers till the next book!!!! Luckily I didn't discover them until all four were out or I would have DIED!!

    Happy reading!

  5. The standing is impressive, but the conehead is simply fabulous! Love it!!!

  6. Aww waht a sweet puppy hope he is feeling better! Love your blog design!!

  7. Oh, I read Marley and Me and it was AWESOME! And I' reading Twilight now...saw the movie on opening day but heard it was a bit different? I gotta finish the book so I can make my own opinion...hehe! And New Moon is just waiting to be cracked open! I will Marley and me at home by yourself, hehe.

    I love your scrapbook you do good on E-bay? I LOVE scrapbooking too! I think I'll 'follow' you :-)


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