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Monday, November 17, 2008

Am I a nutjob??? Whadda ya think?

Mitch looked at my pictures I took of MEEE, just goofing around last night after he went to bed, and said "you're a nutjob."

Well, that is a possibility! Heee heee! We went out on the town {I mean fed our money to the slot machines at the casino} And I was bummed that our night ended so early {and mad that the machines didn't even tease me a little with happy hopes of big, or heck, even little winnings} so I had to find something to entertain myself!!! I had even got all dressed up, I mean really dressed up in my favorite dress and awesomely cute high heels. Yeah, sorry, I only took silly and fun pictures, after I let my hair down. No full shot, awesome outfit pics. So I flipped on the webcam and clicked away!!! Fun times!

Anywho, here is a sampling of my funnnnnn solo photo shoot.... I know you were just dying to see!! :o)

Soooo, whadda ya think??? Am I a nutjob like Mitch says? Come on, you know this post was fun fun fun to read.

OK, Ouch!!!! Chumba is splitting my head in two with his LOUD and constant barking at his newly found squishy ball he "discovered" in our couch cushion {we had never seen it before, ever! It was still in the plastic wrapper too, Ca-Razy.} Tylenol, here I come!!! Oooh, and I got a video of him today, soooo cute. I'll post it later gater.

Right now I'm gonna make my hubby dinner, caouse he got me presents {more on that later too!}

I am HAPPY!!!


  1. Lookin good! And maybe only part nutjob.... but not for the pics... for the slot machines! I am way too much of a wimp for that stuff! Although one time I did play slots with $5 at the Hard Rock Casino in Miami. That didn't last too long.. and that was that. Haha!

  2. LOL! Great pictures! Love that one in your profile!

  3. Yeah you're crazy, but in a GOOD way!!! Sounds like you are having altogether too much fun - spread it around would ya?!?!?

    Love the sexy stockings!!!

  4. From one nut job to another, I say embrace the title - it's fun being a nut job!

  5. .... for all those people trying SOOOO hard to be nice in the comments they are leaving.... lol Kimmy is MORE than a NUT JOB... Mitch was being NICE! LOL She is my sister and ONLY her sisters know how crazy she is!!! I love you Kimmy, and you are so beautiful! xøxø


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