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Friday, November 7, 2008

Cold weather and warm brownies... mmm mmm good!

Brrrr... it's not really cold in my house {with the heater on}, but my feetsies are COOOOLD!!! And my dog being a pee machine tonight that refuses to stay out and do his business unless I LEAVE the freaking door open, isn't helping matters!!!

I made brownies tonight. They are the easy from the box kind, I wanted something quick, but they are still YUMMY! And they made my house smell "oh so good" while they were getting all done in the oven! Mmmmmmmm. I EVEN cut them up and put them on a plate this time! Such an improvement from my brownie cookie bars! LOL! They made it outta the pan see?

Wooo Hooo! LOL! Yeah, I already ate like 3 of them, warm brownies with a cold glass of milk, yum!

Since I've already mentioned my crazy dog, I wanted to also share a picture I took of Chumba the other day, he was sleeping on the stairs. Literally, on the stairs.

Too funny! I was waiting for him to roll over, and ALL the way down to the bottom, he did that once {only down like 2 stairs though} when he was a little pup. It cracked us up. Notice the bits of chewed up toilet paper roll on the stair next to him?? Yeah, he knows how to make the lid go up on the trash can, and finds lotsa {often yucky} new chew toys in there! He is sucha little weirdo dog. :o)

Anywho, I'm gonna go catch up on House {my DVR is getting quite FULL!} Good night!



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  2. Those brownies sure look good! Out of the box is all I know! LOL

    Coming by thru SITS!

  3. You are welcome! They do have great ideas don't they?

  4. Stopping by to invite you to my giveaway!

  5. Brownies are my VERY favorite dessert! YUM!

  6. I couldn't agree more - warm brownies + a cold day = bliss!

  7. Well as you know your lil sis LOVES BROWNIES!! yummy!! but I think you should have named this post YUM or YUMMY... because I dont know how many times you said yum or yummy!! hahaha I love you and Chumba is a dork... and at least this time he didnt chew up a tampax.!! lol EWWWW dogs are yucky! haha


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