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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Chumba

Little pain in the butt pups is 1 today! I have a love hate relationship with my adorable little terror of a doggy.

I'm the one that "had" to have him at the pet store. Mitch really wanted a new basset hound, but I thought it was "too soon" since we lost Bongo. After only 3 months I wasn't really ready to love a new dog. But Mitch kept asking {well begging and begging for a new dog} So we went to look...

Well, after several visits to the pet store they had a new basset hound in the back... he had just arrived and hadn't even had his grand entrance into the main part of the store yet.

We had seen other basset hounds, but when we seen this one, we just knew we had to have him. His little tail wagged, and he got so excited when we held him. And he looked at us with this sweet look that said "take me home, I belong to you". When we had to go, he cried and cried, we could hear him all the way to the front door. Me and Mitch talked and even though "he" was the one that wanted a puppy soooo much more than me, "I" am the one that had to talk him into getting this little guy.

A few days and $482.06 later, he was ours. Here he is when we first brought him home!

He was such a little cutie pie, and he had the hardest time climbing those stairs. He was a little whiner too!!! Mitch decided to name him Chumba. We spoiled the little guy, and gave him lots of love and attention, and tried to earn his love and trust, while we worked VERY hard to potty train him.

Chumba chews everything, as anyone who visits my blog often knows. His latest "favorite" chew toy is my bedding. Yep, sheets, pillow cases, bed skirt, all shredded. He still whines and barks when he doesn't get what he wants. He even got the cops called once for barking too late at night. He thinks he is the king of the house, and no amount of training, attention, discipline or exercise that we have tried has changed him one little bit.

My final two hopes are (1) that he grows out of it! and (2) that he will mellow out once he gets fixed. Well wish me luck... today he is a little bit older, lol! And on Tuesday he finally gets fixed!!! We weren't able to afford it before, with everything that has happened this year. But Mitch got a Christmas bonus, and more than half is going to Chumba care!!!

Despite his stubborn craziness, and my despair over my poor chewed up belongings, I LOVE Chumba. At just one year old he has learned to love and trust both me and Mitch, while making himself a happy little home in our hearts! Happy Birthday Chumba!!!


  1. Oh he is such a cute little guy! Now I might have to have one too. My husband promised we would get a dog after we got married and it's been almost three years and still no dog! Maybe I'll have to drag him to the pet store. I need me some puppy love! =)

  2. Too stinking cute. You should post a pic of him now that he's a year old! Makes me miss my old beagles. :( Found you through SITs, cuuuuuute blog! :)

  3. I seriously LOVE hearing all of your stories! What a cute little guy :o) even if he is SO much trouble! Hey, that book I told you about "Marley & Me" was made into a movie that comes out at Christmas time. I'm so excited to watch it! Your stories totally remind me of the dog in that boook!

  4. Just found your blog through SITS... love it! And Happy Birthday to Chumba!


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