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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Pictures

On Tuesday I made Mitch pose for some pictures for our Christmas cards. Of course he didn't wanna, but he did it anyways, cause he loves me that much {hahaha, actually he was probably just sick of listening to me talk about it.}

I set up my tripod, and ran back and forth between the camera and the Christmas tree, setting my timer for every picture. After each one Mitch kept saying "Only two more, then I'm done." He was such a good sport, he stuck it out for about 20 picture, and 3 changes of my shirt! Hehee.

Here are a few of the pictures, that turned out. The firt one is my favorite, which is why I shared the original and the photoshop edited version.

This one is too funny! Check out the look on Mitch's face. I couldn't stop laughing when I seen it the first time! I'm using these first two for our Christmas card. Last night I made a naughty and nice {silly and sweet} photo strip with them. Super cute. I'll show you later.

I think these last two pictures are cute, but I don't like the black on black shirts. So I'm not using them. But I thought I'd share them, so they serve some purpose. :o)

Anyways, I gotta go do stuff. I designed my Christmas card, the sample is done, but I need to make more now {14 is all I'm doing.}

Tonight is super windy!!! I'm soooo scared. I think wind is seriously my biggest phobia. It is expected to get up to 70-100 mph late into the night. Scary!!! Good thing I'm staying up, cause I can't sleep when I can hear the wind. Even my unconscious self is scared of it, if I hear wind in my sleep, I wake up and run to the window to make sure we haven't blown away.

waka waka <------ that was Mitch deciding he wanted to help me blog tonight. Hahaha. Well, it's time for bed {for him that is} so I'm gonna go tuck him in and snuggle for a bit. Good night!


  1. So, I was stopping by from SITS, just to say hi, and I must say to you that Mitch looks disturbingly like one of my students who graduated in '08. Are you related to a young man named Jacob? Because the two of them could be twins!


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