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Monday, December 8, 2008

All but the Star

My star disappeared! Actually both of my {two} stars never made it into my Christmas boxes last year, :o( Soooo, I need to buy, or maybe make a new one this year. But besides that, my tree is all done and pretty!

I always get a Charlie Brown tree. Mitch grew up with them, and I love you Mitch, but now that you caved and let me get "my" kinda tree, we are never going back!

Here is "my" kinda tree that we got this year!!! Before the decorating began!

Before I continue, I promised to share my FUN tree stand drama!!! Seriously, that thing had me almost in tears {Mitch too!}

Apparently, we lost our old tree stand too, in the move. So, we bought a new one, it was similar to our old one, the box said it was for trees up to 7 feet tall. Well ours is a little over 6 feet, so we thought "perfect".... ummm, wrong!!!! We struggled and struggled, screwing those stupid screws as tight as we could, trying so hard to get the tree to stand straight. Well, we thought we did a pretty good job. But I had to go and decide to touch the tree, it wasn't quite where little OCD me wanted it.

All of a sudden I was on the floor, and the tree was on top of me. Seriously! The tree FELL on me!!! It was funny, but Mitch, who had just spent over 1/2 hour under the tree twisting those dang screws was furious. He was yelling at me, asking why I had to touch it. Ummm, hello! I have to "touch" it to decorate it honey!

Well, we decided to try some more, after an hour, and nothing but a very wobbly tree, WE. WERE. DONE.

One of the stupid screws wouldn't even tighten anymore, I guess I stripped out the whatchamacallit! We put the stupid tree stand back in the box, drove back to the store {it was about 10 pm by them} and we spent a few more dollars, and bought the easy breezy {so the box said} sturdy looking stand.

This time, the box was right!!! I love our new tree stand. It makes me very very very HAPPY! Seriously, putting up the tree will never be the same again. I wonder if I'll miss the moaning and groaning that comes from Mitch's mouth ever year? nah! :o)

I FINALLY got to decorate my tree, hours and hours {and three trips to the store} later!

Here are a couple "during" pictures!

I always decorate my tree all by myself. I was shocked I was able to get Mitch to snap a few pictures of me doing it! It was as far as his participation went! Oh well, he'll be the one on the roof hanging lights on Tuesday! Heheee!

I spent hours decorating! But that is the fun part, and I didn't mind.I stayed up all night long! I really like my pretty tree!!! Wanna see?!

The only thing missing is the star on top! Oh and the presents underneath, hehehe! Here's a couple night time pictures, without the flash, to see the pretty colorful lights!

Falalalala, check out some of my favorite ornaments!

And I got this at Target, I couldn't resist! Too cute!!!

Even though Mitch didn't help, and fell asleep during the decorating process, Chumba was always right there to keep me company, and of course drive me crazy! He's managed to make a mess of my stuffed animals! Somehow, he thinks they are ALL his chew toys. Oh and Karma hides from him under the tree, so he thinks he's allowed to chase her behind it. It's a wonder it hasn't fallen over again, lol!!!

Here's my little Chummers, getting as close as he possibly can, without getting yelled at!

Last night at dinner the song "The Twelve Days of Christmas" came on. Me and Mitch spent the whole dinner trying to remember what thing went with what day. I have a "The Twelve Days of Christmas" book, so we pulled out the book and sang it together when we got home, remembering all the words. We were laughing so hard, it was so much fun!

Anyways, I pulled another all nighter, so I'm going to bed now! I just kissed Mitch goodbye, as he left for work. And I'm getting a little tired! Happy Monday! :o)


  1. Jordan didn't help me decorate the Christmas tree either!! BOOOO!!! only he was just watching T.V. GAY! lol last year he was playing his X-box... GAYER! lol I miss you and wish you were closer so we could have done both trees together.... btw I opened your blog and saw that tree as I started to read... I was like I KNEW there was something bushy about Kimmy's tree! hahaha it isn't just a three limb tree...

  2. Ok, so that tree stand story is awful! I'm glad you got it all worked out! And the funniest thing, I had to come on here and tell you. I was reading through your post and got to the decorated tree picture and my little Morgan was sitting here beside me. She pointed at the tree and says, "They forgot the star mommy! Look! There is no star! They forgot the star!" Funny that even a 4 year old knows what's missing! LOL!

  3. The tree looks fab. I love the big snowflakes!!!

  4. I already told you, but I love your tree. It looks so pretty. I like the big snowflakes too, and the stuffed animals beneath the tree. Too funny about the tree stand, glad you got it "straightened out" - pun intended ;)

  5. You're tree looks gorgeous! Your hard work paid off!

  6. Your tree looks so pretty! I love all of the stuffed animals underneath! GREAT idea!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love big thick full trees! They look so much more Christmas-y than Charlie Brown trees! And I love that tree you got at Target, it's so cute!

  8. Your tree is so cute! I think I already told you that on another post. I finally got mine up, had to do it all by myself, it's sad because it's the same height as me! lol I guess it looks ok for this last year that it will be there. Getting a new one for sure the day after Christmas! Too bad I can't have a real one, too much stuff falls off for a 1 year old to eat! EEK!

  9. well, your tree is beautiful, so worth the effort!!

    I was underneath you on SITS roll call today, so I stopped by to say hi.

  10. It wouldn't be Christmas if something didn't go wrong....why is it that I laugh when I read the tree fell on you. My first thought should be...Oh, I hope she is all right. Sorry. The tree turned out beautiful. I love the picture of the dog!

    Stop by and sign up for my give-a-way, if you have some time.

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Pretty tree hun!! I bet it smells so good too!!! You are making a wonderful lil nest!


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