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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I LOVE yummy surprises!

Do you have ANY idea the amount of restraint it took to NOT dive right into the yummy cake here? I went into the kitchen, and thought, mmmmmm, I'll have some cake. Then I quickly thought, wait! I wanna blog about my cake. And in order to blog about it, I need a picture before I eat it all! So I took the picture, ate {only part} of the cake, and now I'm eating a turkey sandwich and blogging about the cake!

OK, so the cake wasn't TOO fabulous, but Mitch bringing it home to me in what is usually a empty {and dirty} lunch dish was pretty darn cool! I think life would be grand if I sent him to work everyday with a delicious lunch, and he came back home every night with yummy desserts in the same dish!!! That would only seem fair right? Hehehe.

Since his lunch box was sitting there, I decided to show you the cool little front pouch, it was the deciding factor when buying the thing. Isn't it cool? With silverware, a cloth napkin, and salt and pepper shakers!!! You don't even know how many times I forgot to pack a fork. Plus he can season his own food! One less thing for me to worry about!!!

He begged me for a new lunch box after he got his new job. I kept packing his lunches in a tiny blue lunch box, that was better suited to my kind of lunch than his. Poor guy, all his coworkers kept teasing him about his purse lunchbox. Mean mean wife, kept sending him to work with it, day after day, forgetting that he desperately wanted a more manly way to take his lunch to work.

He would describe to me all the other guys "big" lunchboxes. Well, I finally got online, did my research {yes it required research} and found one I loved, and knew he would too. Then I searched and searched, determined to find it for the cheapest possible price. It took hours {yes, I'm THAT dedicated} but I finally found the lunchbox I wanted for the price I wanted to pay. I got my Picnic Time lunchbox at U Gotta Live. They had the best price, {and the best shipping price, by far!}

He waited patiently for a week for the thing to arrive. I made sure to ship it in his name too {he has this jealousy thing going on, about me getting "presents" in the mail, and him getting "nothing" EVER!} So his package finally came, and he was like a little kid at Christmas. He loves it!

Now his coworkers tease him about how "excited" he was about his new and much more manly lunchbox. Apparently, he showed it off to everyone!!! TOO CUTE!!! I really love my babers!!

p.s. did you notice my "present" {as Mitch would say} in the picture? My Twilight book set came today! YAY!


  1. Ok, so I am totally the same way with finding deals! I searched online for hours before deciding on my twins' halloween costumes, and then I searched for another few hours to find the best prices! It's totally worth it to find a good deal! I'm glad he finally got the lunch box he wanted ;o) Men are so funny sometimes aren't they? LOL!

  2. Wow, now that is a manly lunch box! Where did you get it? My hubby's lunch boxes keep getting bigger and bigger. He might need a full-size cooler pretty soon ;D

  3. MMMmmmmm cake.
    That lunch box is cool!
    And Twilight! Have you read it yet? You're gonna love it!


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