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Friday, January 16, 2009

Visiting California {The Drive There}

I totally need to share my California trip here in bloggyland before it becomes ancient history!

Do you like how I call it my "California trip" instead of "Christmas"??? Hehehe.

There are more pics of family and fun, than of actual Christmas, so I think it is {quite} appropriate! :o)

Soooooo, for my first post of a few, I have pictures I took on the {looooong} drive over. OK, so it wasn't a "forever and ever, never ending" drive, but, it was MUCH longer than the usual 3 hours, due to the snow falling heavily from the sky!!!

To start off I have my backseat passengers number one and two. My little sister Sami and her honey buns Justin. I am the most awesomest sister for picking them up the night before {in bad weather I might add... GO ME!}

Of course they had to share the backseat with our little pain in the butt puppy Chummers. He kept trying to climb in the front with me and Mitcheal, but I'd have NONE of that!!!

He likes road trips, especially the pretending to have to go potty so he can get out and sniff the "new" surroundings for as long as he possibly can!

Oh, and sticking his head out the window, no matter how cold it is, FUN TIMES!

Here's my sweetie pie! I am so VERY very glad he drove. He is a VERY good snow driver! I love that about him.

Let me just say this, I love where I live now. It's not big city, but it's city enough for me with all the shopping and well, shopping nearby.

But I also grew to LOVE the mountains, despite my initial dislike for them {come on, what would you expect form a 16 year old, bored outta her mind???}

Check out ALLLLLL the trees! And snow! I had to take this picture to capture exactly what the weather was like! {By the way, "The drive home" post will have TONS and TONS of scenery pictures. It was so pretty, I just couldn't help myself.}

Do you really know me??? Well, if you do, then you know how very girlie and in LOVE with shoes I am!!! Someday I'll show you my closet, and my fabulously organized perfectly matching boxes and boxes of shoes!

These shoes are NOT very pretty. But they are comfy, and good for a road trip, although, once I got out {for Chumba's sake, and to keep guard for Sami while she peed} I thought that my snow boots would have been better suited for walking in the wet snow.

I survived though! :o)

And finally, we have MEEEEE! And of course I had to take my favorite car mirror pic! No trip of mine would be complete without it!

We finally made it to California! And boy was I sick of being in that car!!!

Be sure to come back soon for some FUN with my mommy, sisters and their little ones!


  1. and a puppy in one car..I'm amazed you're so cheerful! I would have killed someone!

  2. Of course, I did once shove my sister out of a treehouse...

  3. Looks like a fun trip! Road trips are so much fun (as long as you're not the one driving)!!

  4. Great pics!! Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Hey Kim! I just LOVE reading about your adventures. Go by my blog and grab your award for having just the thing to make me giggle! dee =)

  6. What a fun trip! I can't wait to hear more about it!


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