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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Visiting California {Hanging with the Fam}

Our first day in California I visited my family! We hung out at Netta's house.

First Netta made me open my present... it was a birthday and Christmas present, and since it was the 23rd, which falls between the two days, I got to open it early.

Of course we had to take a picture, and little Dylan held my present for me {he tried to open it for me too} hehee!

See! Here is "our" present! The toaster from our Target wedding registry!

I woulda taken a real life picture.... but my sisters Laura and Sami were visiting all weekend, and my kitchen is a BIG MESS!!!

I love my Mommy!

And my 3 baby sisters!

Laura Ysaura {who wasn't there, so no picture}

Danetta Marie {Netta}

and {Sami} Samantha Dawn.

Dylan loves the camera! Little goofball! :o)

He insisted we take a picture of him with each of us.

Dylan and Sami {his Mommy}

a close up with Aunt Kimmy {meeeeeee}

and a cute pic on Aunty Netta's lap.

He also likes to "take" pictures! Josh got him a camera for Christmas!

Check out our jeans and boots!!!

Netta was goofing around! Her and her little baby Izaiah are too freakin' cute!

I had to do some last minute shopping {remember I didn't wrap anything until Christmas Eve!}

So the girlies went with me! In the Christmas section of Wal-Mart, they all put on Christmas hats {Netta's couldn't find one she liked, so she threw on this tree, lol.}

Apparently we are really really LOUD when we are together! Poor Mommy was exhausted after being with us 3 ALL day long! Good thing Laura wasn't there too! We woulda been outta control, {plus when you get all 4 of us sisters together, we tend to fight, A LOT} haha!

Anyways, the day was fun! We didn't do anything toooo exciting! Just lotsa talking and lounging around "together"!!!

I love days like this! Spending time with the ones you love is great! I miss my family!


  1. #1 you are soo pretty! I hate you LOL #2 your sisters are pretty as well...I double hate you! lol jk! I wish I had a sister!

  2. You have SUCH a good looking family! You are all gorgeous!

    LOVE that toaster!

  3. Visiting from SITS! Looks like your vacay to California was wonderful and I love your toaster, my hubby and I have the same one {from our registry as well!}
    My thoughts and prayers are with you as you continue to try to get pregnant.


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