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Monday, May 25, 2009

Falling Down the Stairs

So, I told you all I fell down the stairs. Me and my little Cokamo are OK. But I still wanted to share my story, since I took pictures and everything.

So, quick version of the days events... I woke up, I walked halfway down my stairs, and fell the second half. I caught my leg up behind me, and bruised my leg, and my butt. Ouchie. It really hurt, I cried.

When I called my doctor, they told me to go to the ER, since it was the weekend {of course} just to be safe.

I felt so silly. I knew we were OK. Just a bit sore. But I still had to spend a few hours at the hospital. I got out my camera, and me and Mitch took some pictures for my blog!!!

Here I am, gown and all!!! That thing was huge and confusing, and the nurse had to help me put it on, because I couldn't figure it out for the life of me.

I looked too happy for a hospital visit in that first picture, so I took a "fake sad" picture.

Me sooooooo sad.... sad that I was forced to go to the hospital after my clumsy ass fell down the freakin' stairs!!!

No hospital visit is complete without a bracelet.

And of course we have crabby Mitcheal in the corner. He got really cranky when I told him that we had make a trip to the ER.

Really cranky!!!

Then he told me I was not allowed to sleep upstairs anymore. Oh, and when I fell, he asked me if I was able to see my feet still, because if I was in fact still able to see them, then why was I falling down??

Ummmm, hello husband of mine, this is my first trip down the stairs, you yourself have made 2 {yes TWO} trips down the stairs in the past year. At least I have an excuse, it is called pregnant clumsiness. What about you my dear?

Anyhoo, I now hold on to the railing to prevent future incidents like this one.


  1. ALLLLL I have to say is that you look FAB!! SERIOUSLY! Mitch and his crankyness looks like he should be the one in the gown! lol... but seriously! I am glad that everything was okay, and SERIOUSLY you look really pretty! xoxo love you sis

  2. Soooo glad you are ok!! Please be careful!!!!

  3. girl - I fell sown the stairs on several occasions with my last pregnancy! It was crazy! The last time I fell, I literally took everyone down with me! To include - Hudson, Carson, Lawson AND the dog!!!! It was like I was the bowling ball! Wiped them all out!

    Thankfully, I didn't have to go to the hospital or dr office. Probably because I didn't think to call them!!! But when I did go to my next dr check up {and told her} she sent me to Physical Therapy b/c we figured out my falls were caused from my sciatica nerve.

  4. Kimberly! So glad that you and the precious bundle are ok.


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