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Friday, May 29, 2009

Time Out Bench

Mitch bought this little {really little, it only goes to my knee} bench from our neighbors yard sale for $1. It was adorable and ugly all rolled into one. The bench itself was super cute, but the colors were ugly. See????

So I pondered what to do with it. Paint it??? Stain it?? Where will it go? I finally decided that I wanted it downstairs in my living room area. Where I could keep an eye on the naughty child that would one day sit in it.

So, I sanded it down, and used the same stain I had used on the desk that I redid last year. Then I painted the letters blue, and decoupaged very subtle blue scrapbook paper onto the front of them.

And voila! Much prettier time out bench, that perfectly matches my living room!!!

Here's some "during" pictures. I took it apart and sanded it down.

Then I had to have Mitch help, because stain and polyurethane are BAD to use when pregnant, and I wasn't taking any chances with this little baby of mine!

Here's a couple more angle shots of the little bench.

I really like it. And my nephew Dylan likes sitting in it, even though he know it's where you go when you're bad. He just makes sure that we are all aware that he is not being punished, and is sitting there by choice, lol!


  1. HOW freakin' cute!!! I love it! And need one! But it has to be 4 times that length or I need 4 of them! Seems all my kids get in trouble at the same time!! It looks great! I'm not surprised a bit!

  2. So sweet!!! Hopefully there will be no naughty children who MUST sit in it. Haha!

  3. Very cute! I love the colors you chose too. I just hope you realize, your child probably won't be good about sitting there until they are about 2 1/2, 3 years old! Ha ha! At least that's how my kids were anyway. Maybe yours will be better about obeying when they are in trouble! Ü

  4. You did a great job! I love it. Hope you have a super great weekend.

  5. CUTE! I would have passed that up, thinking nothing could be done with it.

  6. That is really cute!!! And the cool thing is that you only paid $1 for it!!! I need to go out looking for some yard sale finds!!! :-)

  7. That is so cute! And look at the steal of a deal you got!! So you find out what you are having soon! How exciting!! Are you going to announce it?


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