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Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Cards

Just wanted to do a quick post showing the cards I made for my mom and mom in law. I totally need a new camera, and have one picked out, that I plan to get this month. Oh and I took the pics at night, so I could get the cards shipped out and to them before Mothers Day! So the pics aren't fabulous, oh well, enjoy!!! :o)

This one I made for my mommy!

And this one I made for Connie {Mitch's mom}.

Anyhoodle, that's all! I've been unpacking the final boxes that I never got to after our move, due to months of morning sickness. And cleaning, cleaning, cleaning! I am almost done. And then I am gonna turn my attention to my studio, it is a disaster up here!!!

Right now I'm gonna go drag Mitcheal outta bed so he can see what in the world the birds are doing on my roof. They are LOUD, and have been at it all day long, seriously, they started at 5 a.m. Which of course meant no sleep for me! Or at least bad sleep. Between them and Mitcheal's LOUD snoring it's a wonder I get any sleep at all! And this pregnancy had turned me into an extremely light sleeper, I HATE IT!!! Not the pregnancy, just the newly acquired sleeping problems. Not fun!

But the baby is growing every day! It feels so weird. I'm not positive if I'm feeling the baby move yet, but I am definitely, constantly aware of stuff going on in this tummy of mine! :o)


  1. What beautiful cards!! I really wish i was creative enough to do things like that.

  2. What fun cards! Pretty soon you'll know what you're having!! Horray!!!


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