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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Week 13 Ultrasound!

I am seriously LATE in posting my week 13 ultrasound pictures! {Considering that I'm now 15, almost 16 weeks along!} My little sister, who is due within a week of myself, keeps bugging me to post them, but the whole scanning, cropping, editing, uploading, posting.... seemed like a pain in the butt, so I kept putting it off.

Well Danetta, here is your little niece or nephew. {Anybody wanna take a guess at what it's gonna be, I have a poll on my sidebar, see??? Right over there ------>}

Anyhoodle, without further ado, here is the little booger, much bigger than before!

And if you click on the picture it gets bigger, in case you're like me and like LOTS and LOTS of details in all the pictures you look at!!! :o)

The little cutie pie started with it's head on one side and managed to flip around to the other side within the 10 minutes the doctor was peeking inside. Quite an active little turd. On the second picture, the doctor wrote "YO" cause you can just see one leg and two little hands... it was saying hi to mommy and daddy, hehehe!!!

So, that's all for this post. Sorry no new belly shots. There's not really been much of a change, so I'm keeping them to one every few weeks, until I really start showing!! And I promise to try to post more often, I know I've been a slacker, sorry! :o(


  1. So cute! I love looking at sonogram pictures. Glad you're feeling ok.

  2. Woohoooo!!!! So glad to hear everything is going well!

  3. FINALLY!!!! Yay I am excited! I love you and I thinkkkk it is a boy! hahahaha! (u know) my big ultrasound is on the 28th!! 4 days before urs! Love you!


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