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Sunday, May 31, 2009

My First Baby Purchase

So today I made my very first purchase for baby Cokamo.

And in case you're thinking huh??

Baby Cokamo??

That's my nickname for the little booger. Tomorrow I possibly find out the sex, so in the meantime, and even after, in case the doctor is wrong {gasp} I have something to call the baby.

The middle names I have picked out are Conner for a boy and Kayleigh for a girl. Put the first 2 letters of both names together and you've got CoKa. And one day, Cokamo just came naturally outta that.

Mitch totally laughs, and says I can't call the baby that after it's born. But he's slowly caving, and has even used it a few times, hehehe!

Anyhoodle, back to my purchase, I fell in love with this blanket lovie I seen on Etsy!

I bought it here: Rocko and Addie.

It has monkeys {love em!} And it is my favorite colors. The colors will totally match some of the colors in my nursery. Which you'll see soon, cause I'm working on an inspiration board for my bright, colorful, fun, gender neutral nursery!!! Eek, I am beyond excited!

Yesterday I picked out a bunch of fabric for the nursery. I plan on making my own crib bedding. And having a daybed in there, so I can coordinate the bedding on both. Plus make lotsa pillows and matching curtains.

I have so many ideas, and can't wait to share them with you all!

Make sure you come back Monday afternoon! I'll be posting new ultrasound pics, and as long as little Cokamo cooperates, I'll be announcing the gender!


  1. Hey Kimberly!

    Glad you are doing good! How exciting.. baby shopping all ready? Fun! The blanket is so cute! I love the colors and monkeys of course! I cant wait to see the room!

    Beautiful names by the way! Take care..


  2. Oooh! Baby Cokamo is going to love that blankie!!! Can't wait to see all your ideas for the nursery. I know it is going to be so cute!


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