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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Colorful Baby Shower

Last month was my baby shower!!! And of course little creative me planned the whole thing. I know, I know, I'm NOT SUPPOSED TO plan my own shower. But I really really wanted to make the invitations and do the decorations and deserts.

We officially said that my mom and mother in law threw it for me, because we had it at moms house in California, and Mitch's mom {Connie} made all the yummy Mexican food {I REALLY wanted Mexican food, and it was DELICIOUS!}

So this post is going to be all about the colorful and fun stuff I did for the shower.... the pictures of me opening presents, guests, and other fun shower pics will come later!

Here is the invitation!!!

Notice that I used fabric that matches my crib skirt??? I really like that fabric! :o)

I made guest packets for everyone! They included a predictions page, "finish the nursery rhyme" game, an envelope for guests to self address, a pen, and a mini scrapbook paper covered clothespin for the "don't say baby" game.

Here is a closeup of the "predictions" page. Everyone wrote a little message to our family in the 3 circles, and filled out their guesses. Each guest had a different color page in their packet, and I'm going to put them all in a mini album.

I think it will be fun to see who came the closet to guessing correctly, and it will make a wonderful keepsake!

Here's a bunch of the decorations!!!

These bottles were gifts for my guests.

I saved a bunch of Mitch's Newcastle beer bottles. removed the labels, soaked them for several hours and got them REALLY clean. Then I spray painted the bottlecaps turquoise blue. I made cute little labels for them, and after running them through my xyron machine, I stuck them to the bottles, and filled them with Skittles.

They each have one BIG bag of Skittles in them. Yes, I know, that is A LOT of Skittles!!! Everyone loved them though! :o)

I made 20 tissue paper pompoms. I love these things!!!

The rest of the pictures are of YUMMY deserts!!!

I made the cupcake wrappers, and toppers. And I showed my little sister Danetta how to make the marshmallow pops, and she did those for me!! Oh and of course this super Easy Lemon Cream Pie!!! MMMM.

Anyways, that's everything!!! I had fun planning it all, and had a blast spending time with my family and friends!


  1. Ok, so that has to be the dang CUTEST and most fun looking shower I have ever seen. How funny that you did it all yourself though! Very cute. I loved looking at it all Ü I hope you got tons of fun presents!

  2. HOW FUN!! Everything looks awesome! Great job! I especially love the Skittles.... mmmmm..... Skittles. I may have to go get some of those later. ;)

  3. OMG KIM!!!! This is BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish my shower would have been that organized! I tried to help plan some of it, but I was just exhausted and lazy! You've really been on it girl! I love how everything matches your baby theme and his room! I can't wait till he is here so you can share pics! I'm soooo excited for you :-)

  4. That looks like so much fun! I love the bold bright colors and theme!



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