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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pink & Gray Baby Shower {Favors Entrance & Gifts}

At last, the third and final part of my little sisters baby shower!! About time huh?? I forced myself to sit down and get it done this week. So I can blog about other stuff without feeling guilty that I hadn't finished this. I am seriously laughing at myself for the 8 months it took me.

So here is part 3!! Starting with the party favors that Liz made. Cookie mix in mason jars, made to look like baby bottles. So cute!!! They have the directions for how to make them, on a label on the back. She even personalized them. The recipe she used is here, if you wanna make your own. ;)

I made the pennant banner, it matches the one on the food bar.

The welcome table. See me in the mirror, taking the picture with my little point and shoot?? I so wish I'd had my Nikon for the baby shower. And I really wish I'd had it for the newborn photo shoot I did of Mila. Oh well!! I have it now. :):):)

Another sign, like the one for the food and drinks, I also included a "sweet treats" sign in my free table signs printable, although I didn't use it for my sweets table.

Cupcake Liner Pomander. This was made from mini cupcake liners that had a pretty gray design on them. It is hanging in Mila's nursery now. I used the tutorial found here, and then attached a ribbon for hanging.

Love the personalized m&m tins that Liz bought. Pretty and a great extra party favor for the guests.

Liz printed these out, for the guests to fill out. They put them in the pink boxes when they were done filling them out. They make fun keepsakes for the baby book!! Wishes for baby is from here, and guess baby's birthday came from here. I don't see the one she printed (on pink paper) but she bought the whole collection 3 years ago, so the options might have changed since then.

I made this banner and the gifts one below. I used my Silhouette to cut everything out, then glued it together, and strung it on some pink yarn that I chained to the length I wanted. I love making pretty things out of things I already have at home. No shopping trip (as much as I like the craft store, it's not so much fun with Riley) and instant satisfaction. :)

Me and Danetta hung the balloons under the baby girl banner. The balloons are each tied onto one long piece of ribbon. We took the string of balloons and the banner, lined them up, and then taped the two ends to the wall together. That way there wouldn't be 8 extra pieces of tape on the wall holding each balloon up.

They are above the couch, opposite the gifts area, if you look at the reflection in the tv below, you can see them.

Gifts by the fireplace, another simple idea we seen on Pinterest

Personalized chairs for mom and dad. Liz made these little chair banners. I think it's an awesome idea. And Danetta loved having a seat of honor while she opened all the presents, and we played games.

The battery in my camera died after taking pictures of all the decorations and stuff. But I did manage to get one picture of me and Netta at the shower. I love her so much. :)

So that's everything. Finally!!! It was a lot of work, but so much fun to throw Net's baby shower. I love how everything turned out. And I'm super proud of me and Liz for planning everything from two different states!!! Deciding who was gonna do what, and then sharing our ideas on Pinterest made that possible.

I'm off to figure out something for dinner. I really need to go grocery shopping, and I'm starving, so that may be a problem, but I'm gonna try anyways!

♥ Kim

P.S. Today is one of my other little sisters birthday!! Laura is 28!! Happy Birthday Laura, I love you!!


  1. First off, I love the entire theme of your baby shower! Nicely done! Where did you get the nipples for the thank you gifts? Also, can you please advise where you got the recipe for the cookie mix.

    Thanks in Advance!

    1. Thanks!! The recipe is from here: Bakerella, and Liz bought the nipples from Dollar Tree, she can't remember the brand, but any regular size cheap nipple would work!! Good luck!! :):)

  2. I must say that the arrangements and decoration is outstanding.This pink and grey color is looking so nice.Thanks for sharing these pics.
    Pooh Baby Shower

  3. LOVE everything about this shower!! Thanks for sharing your ideas and printable sayings. I'm throwing my sister a shower and was wondering if you have a free printable of the "first we had each other, then we have you, now we have everything". Thanks in advance.

    1. Jenny, thank you so much!! I do not have a printable for the one you are asking about. It was given to my sister, and we don't know where it came from. The only thing I did was spray paint the frame it is in. It is a super cute print though!! I'm sorry I wasn't able to help. :(

    2. It's ok. Your shower ideas were a big help =)

    3. Hey Jenny: If you're still looking for it, I found it here...

  4. Where did you get the "wishes for baby" print outs? Love them!

    1. The link is in the post, under the photo after the one you're asking about. :):) Or you can copy and paste this into your address bar:

  5. I love your ideas... Where would I get the Jars from for the thank you gifts?

  6. What size/where could I find the bottle nipple used?

    1. We don't remember what brand nipples were used, I think cheap Dollar Tree ones. It doesn't really mater the size, we actually glued them to the top, so most sizes would work. Hope that helps.

  7. where did you get the mason jars from. if you could share that would be great


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