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Friday, July 13, 2012

Table Signs (Printable)

I suck at blogging. There is no point even denying it anymore, or pretending like I'm gonna get better. I'm always busy, I'm always working on the house, decorating, or painting or doing other fun projects. I'm learning to use my new DSLR, that Mitch got for me (he surprised me with the money one day, and told me to pick the one I wanted). I'm crocheting. I've sold a lot of things I've made to friends and family and friends of friends and family. I love to crochet, and eventually wanna open my own shop, but I gotta deal with all the legal stuff first, and then of course find the time!!

Then there is Riley! He is gonna be 3 in October. THREE!!! And he is a demanding little tot. I spend a lot of time on projects and tot school and fun stuff, for him and with him. That is my most important priority. I want him to have the most wonderful childhood. To know that I made time for him, and to take advantage of this time in his life when he is eager to learn so much. So any extra time I have usually goes to him, or to unwinding after a long day of fun with him, cause, even though he is in no way terrible, some days I definitely understand where the term terrible two's comes from!!! :):)

Anyways, that is where I have been. I still check my e-mails and get frequent requests for some of the printables I haven't yet shared. So today I thought I'd just suck it up (at 1am while everyone else is asleep) and share the table signs. You can see a few of them in action in this post, and one of these days when I have time to upload a bunch of photos, you will see the welcome sign too!! I really do promise to post part 3, although I can't promise when.

Here they are:

So there you go!! I'm proud of me for posting. Makes me feel all motivated to post more, although I doubt it will last till the morning. I have tons of things and projects to share, I just need time, anyone know how to squeeze more of that into my day?? I'd love you forever.

♥ Kim


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