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Monday, August 13, 2012

Crochet Pattern: Color Sorting Balls

It has been a busy week, I have been crocheting a lot!! I worked on Riley's rainbow nesting bowls, unfortunately I still didn't finish them, because I ran out of the blue yarn I use. I tried substituting a different brand, but it just didn't look right, it was much thinner, and it made them nest funny. And in case you haven't noticed I'm kinda a perfectionist. So I'm adding it to my shopping list!!

I also crocheted a couple of pairs of cute baby button loafers. I love crocheting baby shoes!! I've made boots in the past, and they are always so tiny and cute. It's kinda funny that the loafers I made today are the same exact pattern as the ones I bought on Etsy for Riley before he was born. At the time I bought them, I thought they were the coolest things ever, and I was so amazed that someone made them. I didn't know how to crochet then, and never thought that I would be making the same booties a couple years later for other people!!! 

Today, I thought I would share the pattern for the color sorting balls that go with my rainbow nesting bowls.


rnd(s)        round(s)
scsingle crochet
( )work instructions between parentheses as many times as indicated


  • US F5/3.75mm Crochet Hook
  • Worsted Weight Yarn in purple, blue, green, yellow, orange and red (I used "Red Heart Super Saver" in Lavender, Turqua, Spring Green, Bright Yellow, Pumpkin and Cherry Red).
  • Stitch Marker
  • Yarn Needle
  • Fiberfill Stuffing


  • Rounds are worked in continuous spirals, do not join or turn.
  • Use a stitch marker to mark the beginning or end of each round. Make sure to move the marker up each time you start a new round.
  • I start with a magic ring, PlanetJune has a great tutorial for that here. You can substitute "ch 2, 6 sc in 2nd ch from hook" for the magic ring and round 1, if you prefer.
  • For my decreases I like to use an invisible decrease, it makes everything look neater. :)
  • To close the ball, I use the ultimate finish for amigurumi by Planet June, I've tried other methods, and this is my favorite!


Make a magic ring
Rnd 1: 6 sc in magic ring (6)
Rnd 2: inc around (12)
Rnd 3: (sc 1, inc) six times (18)
Rnds 4-5: sc around (18)
Rnd 6: (dec, sc 1) six times (12)
Stuff ball
Rnd 7: (dec) six times (6)
Add more stuffing if desired (I make them really firm)
Fasten off, close up remaining hole (see notes for my favorite way)

So there you go!! Pretty simple pattern, you can also add an extra round of sc between rows 4 and 5, for a slightly bigger ball. That would change the total rounds to 8 instead of 7.

I forgot to write down the way I made the balls the first time around, and the next time I made them, I made them bigger. They looked really nice, and more rounded, but they didn't fit in the container that you see in the picture above. So I decided to write the pattern for the smaller ball, in case you want to use the same container!! It's a Nabisco Go-Packs that I recycled after me and Riley ate the cookies. I always save them now, so I can use them when I make this as a gift. It keeps the balls contained, and it nests perfectly in the purple bowl.

I hope your all having a great week!! Let me know if you spot any mistakes. I double checked everything, but it's the end of a long day, so I might have missed something. :):)

♥ Kim


  1. I know what I'll be making soon.... :-D ty so much for sharing!

  2. These are so cute. New follower.

  3. Hello! I am so happy to have stumbled on your blog! What a cute pattern! My kiddos would love to play with this!
    I'm a new follower:)
    Aly xx

  4. Love this. Making for my twin granddaughters. Think I will male one purple ball, two blue balls, three green balls, etc. They can learn counting also.

    1. That sounds awesome!! And since the bowls get bigger it will work out perfectly! Hope you enjoy making them, and the girls love them. :):)

  5. I didn't have an F hook so I worked with a G. I had to starch the bowls afterwards. Great tute!

    1. Thanks! I never thought of starching them, they are flimsy and flexible when done. Although they don't look it in the picture. ;)

      Glad yours turned out!!! :):)

  6. Just discovered your blog through The Creative Crochet Crew. Thanks so much for the nesting bowls and sorting balls patterns. I love them, and I think my new granddaughter will too. My new granddaughter has an older sister named Madison and an older brother named Riley. :)

    1. Welcome!!! I am so happy that you like the patterns. :) And we were seriously considering Madison as a name if we'd had a little girl. :):)

  7. this was a great project. I finished it today and plan to donate it to our church nursery tomorrow. Such a simple learning toy that was fun to do all the way through. Thanks for posting this.


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