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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sock Monkey Cuteness

I have been trying really hard to post more often. But sometimes I have nothing new to share. Like now. I've spent the past week hanging out with Mitch and Riley, and crocheting. I could tell you all about it, how we hung out at home and played. How I worked on my fish game, and made a gift for my friends baby to be. How we went to our friends house and did some baby shower planning, and that yesterday was our anniversary, but Mitch had to work. And that I made two trips into town for some yarn for the monster hat I'm crocheting. But I have no pretty pictures to go with that stuff, at least not yet. :)

And since I am a girl who likes lots of pictures, and thought you guys might too, I thought instead I would share the last project I finished. Cause I have pictures of that!!

Crocheted sock monkey stuff!!!

A sock monkey hat. I want to make one for me to wear this winter, or at least one for Riley. :):)

I've actually made this hat 3 times now, plus I made it in pink and gray a few times first. I love it. I bought the pattern here. It is awesome, and I've use it as a base for lots of other hats that I've made too.

A fun sock monkey diaper cover, with a tail attached!

I've also made this 3 times, although I left the tail off for one of my friends. It is so cute, I am totally making cute diaper covers for any future babies I might have! I bought that pattern here. It is a great pattern, with measurements included. I love it when baby stuff patterns include measurements, cause I don't have a baby handy to measure and I like to know I'm making things exactly the right size. Oh, and the pattern doesn't include the tail, I designed that myself, and just sewed it on.

And finally sock monkey boots!!!

I love these things. And they are so teeny tiny. They don't look look it in the picture, but they fit in my hand. Eeek!! One of my friends asked for these. He had seen the ones I had made in different colors, and wanted them to match the sock monkey hat and diaper cover. I was so excited to make him this set! Him and his fiance had been through a lot, experiencing a heartbreaking loss last year, then complications throughout the entire pregnancy. I felt like I was holding my breath for them, hoping everything would be okay. It was. Their little boy is 7 weeks old today, and so very loved by his parents!! I got to see pictures of him wearing the hat, boots and diaper cover, and he is adorable!!

Oh yeah, the pattern for the boots is here. I own several of her patterns, and love them!! She even has videos to help you in case you get confused!

I have 3 crochet projects I'm working on now that I might share, plus I have a few playroom projects I'm working on that you guys might like. I can't believe the playroom is almost finished! More than half the stuff in there I either made, refinished, built or sewed. And compared to last year (when it was pretty much an empty room) it looks amazing!

Anyways, it's getting late, and I didn't sleep good last night, so I'm going to bed. Good night bloggy friends. :):)

♥ Kim


  1. I just adore your sock monkey hat and boots the colours are perfect and the diaper cover is amazing with the tail. You are so clever.

  2. I so love your bog because it is all about your inspirational creations. Thank you for sharing so many lovely ideas
    Kindest Regards Linda

  3. The monkey diaper cover made me laugh ! The tail is so cute.
    I wish I had a baby to spoil.

    1. Thanks!! I wish I had a baby to spoil too!! I didn't know how to make all this stuff a few years ago when mine was born. The next one will definitely have lots of cute crocheted stuff! :)

  4. Kim, Do you have directions on how you made the tail for the diaper cover? Am making the cover now

    1. Terri,

      For the tail I made a magic ring, did 8 sc into ring, the increased to 10 sc, and continued to to sc around until it was about one inch shorter than a pipe cleaner.

      I twisted 2 pipe cleaners together to make them thicker, and folded the bottom end down a little bit, just to hide the pointy end, wrapped it loosely with fiber fill and stuffed it in the tail. Then I folded the top of the pipe cleaner down about an inch, so it was even with the opening of the tail, and added more filling near the opening, so the tail wouldn’t flop. And sewed the tail to the cover. See photos on my Ravelry page for placement:

      Good luck!! :):)

  5. are the patterns available for these?

    1. Tabitha, the links for where I purchased all of the patterns are listed under each picture. :)

  6. Do you know which specific yarn colors and yarn brand you used for the sock monkey colors the brown, red, and white? Thanks!

    1. Rebecca,

      I used Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Baby in "Lamb" for the cream color.

      Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Heathers & Prints in "Taupe Mist" for brown.

      And Lion Brand Vanna's Choice Solids & Twists in "Cranberry" for red.

      I got them all at Michaels. :)

  7. Kimberly,

    I cannot find the link you stated were listed at the bottom of the pictures.

    Could you please provide the link on this blog?

    They are so cute you do fabulous work.


  8. Hi I was wondering if you could make me a biper cover with tail how much would to be


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