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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

He's Home :)

When Riley got home Saturday morning, he ran upstairs and woke me up, giving me hugs and kisses. That is the best way ever to be woken up. He sat on top on me, and smiled at me, and then hugged me, and then smiled at me and then hugged me over and over again. And every now and then he'd throw in a kiss, and once he kissed me bunches, all over my face.

We had lotsa fun that day after Mitch went to bed. He begged me to play with dot markers. He calls them dot dots. He loves loves loves them!! So I decided to print out a bunch of shapes for him, that I found after doing a quick Pinterest search, and he got to use all 6 colors, for the 6 shapes we did.

After that he still wanted to color with them, so I gave him a coloring book, and let him dot away! 

We also got our art caddy out and used crayons, colored pencils and markers to make some new art for his art wall. I have a lot of filler tot school activities up there, but we are slowly replacing it with "Riley's Art" and then we can go back to using our giant magnet board to display the tot school stuff.

Here you can see his art wall in the playroom. He loves having somewhere to hang his masterpieces after he finishes them. I have a project planned to cover up the nails holding up the yarn. Give the art display more of a finished look!! I'll share it whenever I get around to doing it. :)

To end the day, we went outside and played for a while. Trying to get Riley to hold still for pictures is nearly impossible. I did finally get him to give me his big fake cheesy smile. Cracks me up every time!! He is such a goofball.

He has such a great imagination. He is always coming up with new games. In the picture below, he is throwing rocks up in the air, then watching them fall back down. He entertained himself for quite a while doing this. It is such a simple thing, but it is so amazing to watch him explore the world around him, all on his own. :)

We also had some fun getting Chumba all riled up!! Riley loves his doggy bunches. Sometimes I think he misses Chumba more than he misses mommy and daddy, haha. The two of them fight like brothers, and even though Chumba is a dog, they "tell" on each other too. Cracks me up, and drives me nuts!!!

Mitch has had the last couple of days off, so we have been having fun with him. Yesterday we went to the lake, and went out on a friends boat all day. It was Riley's first time on a boat, and he was scared, I had to hold him the whole time. But we still managed to have fun, and he loosened up a bit by the end of the day.

We also played baseball in our front yard, Riley does pretty good at hitting the ball, although I felt bad for him, when I was pitching, I got him in the face a few times, ha!! Luckily they are wiffle balls, so it doesn't hurt. We ended the day with some music and frisbee golf on the PS3, where I totally beat Mitch, and Riley laughed at us while we danced around and sang along with Garth Brooks at the top of  our lungs. We were pretty hilarious!!

♥ Kim

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