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Friday, September 14, 2012

Rainbow Cake

Yesterday was Mitch's birthday. He is 31 years old now.

Me and Riley baked him a cake.

We made it a rainbow cake, because we wanted to have balloons too. And we only had a multi color bag of balloons. That way everything would match. It was like a mini (super mini, haha) rainbow party. With cake and balloons and garland and cards.

Those are all my favorite things about birthdays though. Especially cake. :)

♥ Kim


  1. I found your blog through Artistica Domestica's blog. I love the fact that you crochet and make such cute things. The stacking bowls and sorting balls are a great idea for my grandchildren. Now let's hope I can get them done before Christmas!


    1. Sharon,

      Thank you so much!! I am glad you like the Rainbow Nesting Bowls and Balls, I hope you get them done in time, and that your grandkids love them! Have a great weekend. :):):)

  2. Lucky Mitch ! That's an awesome cake ! The pompoms garland is a nice finishing touch.
    I definitely need a similar cake for my next birthday.

    1. Thanks!! I want one for my birthday too. Maybe one with my favorite colors!!! Too bad I'd have to make it myself, haha! :)


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